Spriggan Season 2 Release Date: Will there be a sequel to the Netflix Anime?

Spriggan is an anime adaptation of the Japanese Sci-fi Manga written by the author Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryoji Minagawa. The manga has 11 volumes. It was first published in Weekly Shonen Sunday in February 1989 and then it was published in Shonen Sunday Zokan from 1992 to 1996. The anime series has been recently released on Netflix on 18th June 2022. It took decades to be fully made but was released finally. But in this article, we shall discuss whether there would be a Spriggan Season 2.

The Spriggan Anime has been directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi and has 6 episodes each of 45 minutes. It focuses on various scenarios and villains and each episode had a unique setup. Every episode stands out from the others which gives the fans a totally different feeling and experience. Spriggan has many enjoyable elements, action, and fantastic animation.

Spriggan Season 2

The Plot of Spriggan

The story shows an ancient civilization destroying itself that once ruled the World. The civilization leaves messages for future generations to search for the powerful elements and creations they have used. Various coalitions start their quests for some mysterious hidden objects and artifacts so that they could use them against their foes.

An ancient artifact unfolded known as Noah’s Ark at the top of the world. Because of this ancient artifact, a huge and desperate war emerges throughout the planet. Meanwhile, two top-secret organizations fight and race for recovering the lost artifact. One of them seeks to demolish it and the other seeks to enslave the human race.

Also, monstrous and massive half-human cyborgs battle against the ultimate defenders of the Earth, the confidential organization known as ARCAM, and their elite agents, known as the Spriggan, who do an epic duel with the future of our species as the reward. The series explores the adventures, struggles, and journeys of the organizations as well as runners in discovering the artifacts and elements which they will be using for their own benefits.

Spriggan Season 2 Renewal Status on Netflix

The renewal of Spriggan Season 2 totally depends on the amount of source material left for the series. The anime has yet to cover much source material from the Manga which has been published in 11 volumes. Also, the hint was given in the first season when Yu was left with the next villain in the post-credit scene to fight within Spriggan Season 2.

There has been no such update about the renewal status of Spriggan Season 2 from the creators or the production house. Obviously, it is too soon to expect any update about the renewal. Unless David Production, the animation studio is preparing for the second season. But in that case, too, we have to wait for a long time.

It will purely be speculation if we guess about Spriggan Season 2 right now or this soon. To make and produce the second season of Spriggan, will take a long period of time. So we should not expect the second season of Spriggan until late 2023 or early or mid-2024.

Popularity of Spriggan

The show was very popular among anime fans as well as the subscribers of Netflix. The first week of Spriggan saw a handful into the Top Ten Lists. It didn’t make it to number 1 in Japan for full four days.

Spriggan is the type of anime that can appeal to just about anyone and so, hopefully, this means the initiation of many more headings to Netflix in the near future.

What should the fans expect from Season 2?

Spriggan Season 1 had an end-credits scene that showed the next villain, Sho Kanaya. Sho is enrolled in the same school as Yu. Sho is sent to infiltrate and kill the former COSMOS soldier. Sho is empowered with the same potential as the ARCAM soldiers. It would be interesting to see Sho and Yu facing each other in Spriggan Season 2.

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