Amber Heard Going to Jail after Elon Musk testifies next in Johnny Depp defamation case

The opening proclamation in the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation case, in which the latter has charged the former for $100million had been illustrated in a Virginia Courtroom. First Depp had charged Heard for an article that did not speak of his name but cited him for 50 million dollars. In retribution, Heard had cataloged a counter trial on Depp.

As reported, the prosecution started up yesterday with many media outlets covering the event. Johnny Depp claims that the article Heard composed for the Washington Post in 2018, considered domestic misuse and a system that safeguarded abusers. Even though Depp was never spoken of, it was obvious that he stood being cited in the article, as said by Ben Chew, Depp’s lawful representation.

Clearing declarations kicked off in a Virginia courtroom in a lawsuit Depp, 58, carried against Heard, 35, for $50 million in 2018. Depp alleges Heard defamed him when she composed a December 2018 viewpoint piece in the Washington Post about a survivor of domestic invective.

The article never spoke of Depp by name, but Depp’s lawyer Benjamin Chew notified jurors on Tuesday that it was obvious Heard was referencing the Hollywood prominent man. Chew informed jurors that Heard circulated the piece on the eve of the release of Aquaman, her biggest film, however, to drum up advertising and boost her career.

Chew said, By selecting to tell an untruth about her husband for her advantage, Amber Heard permanently remade Mr. Depp’s life and his status. And she will hear him tell her the horrible consequence it has had on his life. Chew continues, Hollywood studios don’t need to handle the public backlash from hiring individuals accused of an insult, even somebody with the extraordinary body of work and title that Mr. Depp can be glorious of.

J. Benjamin Rottenborn, a lawyer for Heard, told in his clearing statement that Depp was attempting to misinform the jury with crazy strategy theories. Rottenborn said Heard was saying the reality about the dreadful abuse she withstood, but the trial is really about a limited legitimate question: whether Heard’s viewpoint portion was free speech insured by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

Rottenborn said Mr. Depp’s squad is taking off to attempt to roll this trial into a soap opera. Why? I’m not convinced, because the indication isn’t fine for Mr. Depp. Another of Heard’s advisers, Elaine Bredehoft, said that during an outing to Australia in 2015, Depp pulled Heard across the ground, slapped her, hit her and then permeated her with an alcohol bottle. Depp nodded his head indicating no in the courtroom when Bredehoft gave rise to the declaration to jurors.

A state court magistrate in Fairfax County, Virginia, is governing the case, which is anticipated to last six weeks. A jury was assigned on Monday. Less than two years ago Depp relinquished a defamation trial against The Sun, a British tabloid that named him a wife-beater. A London High Court magistrate ordered he had continually attacked Heard and left her in terror for her life.

In the U.S. case, Depp and Heard both fulfilled lengthy lists of probable onlookers they could settle on the stand. But the tides have turned now as a number of people namely, Elon Musk, James Franco, and Even DC Film boss himself testified against Amber Heard in the courtroom.


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