After Zendaya Emily Blunt Confirmed to be not attending Met Gala because of Oppenheimer Schedule Conflicts

Met Gala 2022 is in high talk! The event is just a few days away from us. The celebrities are ready to portray their best looks. The biggest glam event is ready to take place. The mood is set for the glam carnival. Most all the popular celebrities are highly excited to attend the big event! But looks like Zendaya will not become a part of Met Gala 2022. Yes, you heard it right, the star is busy with her tight work schedule. That’s not all, there is a weird rumor out there which says Emily Blunt is following Zendaya’s footsteps! She might not attend the glam event! To know the truth behind the rumor, stay tuned with us, just right here!

Emily Blunt Will Not Attend Met Gala 2022- Is It Really True?

This happens to be the most asked question out there. Emily Blunt is currently busy filming for Oppenheimer! Yes, you heard it right, for the first and foremost time, the star is collaborating with Christopher Nolan. She will be portraying the role of Kitty Oppenheimer. The filming is going on in full swing. A few days back, Emily was seen with her co-star, Cillian Murphy. As per our inner sources, Cillian will portray the role of Kitty’s husband in the movie. We will see him as J. Robert Oppenheimer. The pair was seen filming an outdoor scene for the movie in Princeton, New Jersey.

Now coming to our main question of the day, as per our latest resources, Emily Blunt will attend Met Gala 2022. The rumor out there is fake and baseless. A new tweet is getting viral out there. As per the statements in the tweet, Emily’s stylist has confirmed the news. Oppenheimer is set and scheduled to roll out next year. The movie is set to release on 21st July 2023. Emily might be caught up with her work schedule. But we cannot ignore the fact that Met Gala happens to be a special glam event for all the celebrities out there. As of now, we will surely see Emily Blunt in Met Gala 2022.

Why Is Zendaya Not Attending Met Gala 2022?

Just like last year, this year too we will not see Zendaya in the glam runaway! For the past two years, Zendaya has been skipping the big glam event. Her fans will surely miss Zendaya a lot at Met Gala 2022. The actress was recently captured in an exclusive interview. As per her statements, Zendaya is currently busy with her upcoming project, Challengers! Zendaya is ready for some sports action. We will see her as a tennis player in the movie, who will soon turn into a coach. The storyline of the movie is highly twisted. So far, there is no concrete release date for the show. But we are hoping to hear from the authorities really soon. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on juicy celebrity gossip and inside tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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