5 Crazy Fan Theories for The Batman 2 that fans wish to come true

The Batman has been on the screens for a long period of time and the dark knight detective has made its mark in the comic book status. Mentioning the fact that the superhero is has been bound to some of the craziest theories at the time which the fans have been predicting could actually stand out to be true after all and can be portrayed in The Batman 2. The recent movie The Batman was brought upon by Matt Reeves and though it stood out to be the biggest Batman movie on the silver screens.

Also to mention the part that there are huge plans regarding the sequel of The Batman. The movie went ahead to portray the big idea at the time which was loved by all the fans. The variety of villains which stepped into the movie such as The Penguin along with The Riddler made it even better.

The Batman might come along with the biggest theories and it could come true afterall

Some of the craziest fan theories about The Batman 2 are being put forward at the time regarding the sequel of the movie and the big hype is building up over time. There are talks going around that the studios might actually move ahead to consider the part where the big fan theories have been mixed up.

One of the big fan theories stated that Alfred would finally be revealed as the father of Bruce Wayne and this has also followed over the events of the comics. The second big fan theory which was put forward at the time is that Batman would eventually stand out as the main villain in his own story and considering the part that the personality is extremely rich and has a lot of wealth to where he would also get manipulated at the time and shall stand out to be the main villain in the story.

The third epic fan story which has been surfacing around is that Batman might finally kill someone in the sequel and the history remains about the superhero that he has his own rule to never kill anyone and that could actually change after all. The other big theory which has been in talks is the part that Joker would realize over the time that he is stuck over in a comic book and that could actually be the biggest change in the time.


The fifth theory which is being talked about at the time is that the DCEU joker would be standing out as the one who used to be Robin and this could actually bring a lot of twists in the storyline of the title as it is set to grow over the period of time.

There have been some of the craziest fan theories and though they could actually make the big mark for the title and thus to mention that the authorities would actually consider them part of the theories and shall also put it out in The Batman 2.

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