Worlds Most Used Operating System Now Active On 1.3 Billion Devices: Microsoft Looking At A Serious Rise !

Almost a year ago that Microsoft said Windows 10 has already reached the ” 1 billion active devices ” target and now after the global pandemic and a year of working from home, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is now running on 1.3 billion active devices.

Windows 10 is the final version of long-running Windows Operating Systems launched in the year 2015 which runs on computers, laptops, tablets, and many more devices. It is the most used operating system in the world, known for its user-friendly interface.

As mentioned, the past year has been very different and made a lot of people work from home, which apparently increased the sale rate of personal computers, resulting 19% increase in revenue for Microsoft in the quarter, which is the biggest quarterly increase the company has seen since the year 2018. As said by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, the year into pandemic has made the digital adoption curves rise up exponentially and it’s just the beginning.

Microsoft reports that in this quarter, Windows OEM revenue saw an amazing rise of 10%. Also, compared to a year ago, revenue for non-Pro OEM Windows 10 licenses rose by a tremendous 44 %.

Though most of Microsoft’s revenue is generated by their Cloud Services, the Windows OEM plays an important role in making sure that the Cloud Services reach the maximum possible users. Their Azure public cloud grew by 50%

According to Amy Hood, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft, The Microsoft Cloud, with its end-to-end solutions also continues to provide compelling value to its customers and has generated over $17 billion in commercial cloud revenue, which is an impressive 33% rise over last year.

In spite of the worldwide computer chip shortage, the PC market remained surprisingly active and according to Microsoft officials, it will continue to be that way. A technology research company estimated earlier this month that nearly 70 million computer units were manufactured and shipped in this quarter which is over 30% more than in the same quarter last year, the fastest growth since the year 2000.

Along with these incredible financial reports, Microsoft has also announced the May 2021 update known up until now as version 21H1.

Microsoft will continue to improve the current system that is Windows 10 rather than releasing Windows 11 and according to me, they are doing an incredible job. The pandemic did increase their income but we shall never forget that the pandemic must have affected them negatively in some or other way. But still, they kept going and providing outstanding products that facilitate teaching or working from home to many of us. We also should not neglect the fact that Microsoft never stopped paying their employees even in times of crisis and also has given a lot to society and the community.

With this exponentially increasing revenue year by year, we can assume that development in the field of information technology is unstoppable and rising rapidly. Microsoft will always remain a major factor in these developments and the current rise in demand is strong evidence of the same. After all, it is just the beginning!


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