Winds of Winter Major Plot Point Uncovered by George RR Martin

We are waiting for George R. R. Martin’s sixth classic novel addition The Winds of Winter. But it looks like the wait is never-ending. We all know our favorite classic show, Games of Thrones, is based on the author’s glorious novel series,  “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Fans are currently waiting for the sixth book in the series. But when will it get launched? Stay tuned with us, to know all about the sixth part of the novel series, “Winds of Winter”, just right here!

When Will The Winds Of Winter Release?

It has been ten years now and we are still waiting for the sixth book of the classic novel series! Winds of Winter still doesn’t have an exact launch date! But recently, after a really long time, the author broke his silence on the book. He informed his fans that he is working damn hard on the sixth part of the book. He had promised them that “Winds of Winters” will be a game-changer book for the whole novel series. A lot more shocking and surprising awaits for you all, out there. As per our inner sources, we have heard the sixth part of the novel series, “Winds of Winter”, is scheduled to be out on November 2023. You still have to wait for 2 years more, to get your hands on the book.

The Game of Thrones Plot Is Different From George R. R Martin’s Book?

I hope you all know the famous show, Games of Thrones, is based on the great novel series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, which has been penned down by the renowned author, George R. R. Martin. But we also know that the original book series has only published 5 books so far. But Games of Thrones have given us 8 long unforgettable seasons.

GOT fans already know this, but if you still are not aware of this, then are you even a true GOT fan? Only the first five seasons of the highly popular series, Games of Thrones, are based on the author’s book. The rest five seasons have been taken by the creators of the show. It has nothing to do with the series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”. So does that mean the sixth of the book series will be different from the sixth season of the show? Know the answer to this question, just below here.

Know All About The Plot Of The Novel

As per our inner sources, the plot of the sixth book of George R. R. Martin’s great novel series will be way too different from the Game of Thrones plot. There is a lot more in the series and the conclusion of the tale is just known to the author. Things will surely get worse in the actual book series. The sixth part of the book holds the never-known mystery for you all. We saw many things happening in GOT, from season 6 to season 10. It was all filled with chaos and action roller coasters. But the story of “Winds of Winter” will be very different from GOT. It will be one of the best write-ups of the author so far in the whole of the book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Moreover many characters died in GOT. But that will not be the case in the sixth part of the actual novel series.


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