Who is DeRay Davis Related to? The Truth About the Comedian’s Family

DeRay Davis is a popular comedian and actor who has appeared in many films and TV shows, such as Barbershop, Empire, 21 Jump Street, and How High 2. He is also known for his stand-up comedy specials, such as DeRay Davis: Power Play and DeRay Davis: How to Act Black. But who is DeRay Davis related to? Does he have any famous relatives? And what is his family life like? In this article, we will explore the answers to these questions and more.

DeRay Davis’ Early Life and Career

DeRay Davis was born Antoine DeRay Davis on February 26, 1978, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up on the south side of the city, where he faced a lot of challenges and hardships. He witnessed violence, crime, and poverty in his neighborhood, and he was also sexually abused by two women when he was 11 years old. He later said that comedy was his way of coping with the trauma and finding joy in life.

Davis started his career in comedy clubs in Chicago, where he honed his skills and developed his style. He moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s, where he won the Comedy Central Laugh Riots Competition and landed a spot on the Cedric the Entertainer Tour. He also began to appear in various films and TV shows, such as Frank McKlusky, C.I., Play’d: A Hip Hop Story, Barbershop, Reno 911!, and ComicView.

DeRay Davis’ Brother: Steph Jones

DeRay Davis has a younger brother named Steph Jones, who is also a celebrity in his own right. Steph Jones is a singer, songwriter, and model who has worked with artists like Ludacris, Chingy, Faith Evans, Destiny’s Child, and Cassie. He released his solo studio album, Mr. Ordinary, in 2009, and his mixtape, Gravity (Lifetape), in 2010. He also appeared on the compilation album Strength in Numbers in 2008.

Steph Jones and DeRay Davis are very close and supportive of each other’s careers. They often share pictures and videos of themselves on social media, showing their brotherly love and bond. They also have similar tattoos on their arms that say “Family First”.

DeRay Davis’ Relationships: Cocoa and Caro

DeRay Davis is not married, but he is in a polyamorous relationship with two women: Cocoa Brown and Caro Peguero. He calls them his “wives” and says that they are happy and comfortable with their arrangement. He also says that they are not involved in a “huge sex party”, but rather a “real, mature relationship”.

Davis revealed his unconventional love life on the Oxygen reality show Living with Funny in 2016, where he showed how he balances his career and family. He said that he wanted to use the show as an opportunity to educate people about polyamory and to break the stereotypes and stigma associated with it.

Davis also has a teenage daughter named Brooke from a previous relationship. He has never disclosed who the mother of his child is, but he says that he is a proud and devoted father who loves his daughter very much. He often posts pictures of Brooke on his Instagram account, where he calls her his “princess” and his “heart”.


DeRay Davis is a successful comedian and actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is also a loving brother, father, and partner who values his family above all else. He is related to Steph Jones, a singer and model who is his younger brother. He is also in a polyamorous relationship with Cocoa Brown and Caro Peguero, who are his “wives”. He has a daughter named Brooke from a previous relationship.

DeRay Davis is not afraid to be himself and to live his life according to his own terms. He is an inspiration to many people who admire his talent, humor, courage, and honesty.

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