When Will Komi Can’t Communicate Releases New Episodes On Netflix?

I know anime fans are going crazy over the new anime series on Netflix, Komi Can’t Communicate. The anime series is based on a very popular manga series penned down by Tomohito Oda. Anime lovers are highly excited to see the series. It is already aired in Japan. But when will the series go worldwide? Stay tuned to know it all about Komi Can’t Communicate, just down here!

Know All About Komi Can’t Communicate Just Down Here!

Komi Can’t Communicate is a beautiful anime series that centers around a young soul named Shouko Komi. We go through her life in an elite private high school. She gets to taste the joy of popularity soon than she expected. She is the definition of beauty and elegance. Shouko is everything each girl dreams of. Her ultimate goal is to make 100 friends. All of her classmates talk about her beauty but no one knows about her consciousness.

Only her bench-mate Hitohito Tadano gets to know her real personality. Thus Hirohito decides to help Komi out with each and every problem she faces during normal communication with other people. Discover her self-exploration journey on the series, Komi Can’t Communicate. Explore love, drama, action just down in this exclusive series. Anime lovers are highly excited and keenly looking forward to get their hands on the upcoming new series just on Netflix.

When Will Komi Can’t Communicate Release? Find Everything You Want To Know Just Down Here!

If you live in Japan, then you have already seen the first episode of this brand new anime series on Netflix. Yes the series, Komi Can’t Communicate was aired back on a giant streaming platform in Japan, last week on 7th October 2021. But worldwide anime lovers are still waiting to see the series. As per our internal information, the series is slated to be released worldwide on Netflix in just a few days. Yes, the series will go worldwide on the upcoming 21st October 2021. The first episode will release on 21 October. All the upcoming episodes are set and scheduled to get aired on a weekly basis just exclusively on Netflix.

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Where Can You Watch Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 1 Along with English Subtitles?

Komi Can’t Communicate is all set and schedule to get aired on Netflix on weekly basis. But what will you do if there you don’t know Japanese? What will you do if there are no English subtitles present? Well, don’t worry we are here to help you out on that matter. It is going to get released via Netflix. You can easily get it in multiple languages, all you need to do is just search the giant library of subtitles within Netflix, to get different subtitles for the show. But the library obviously differs from your subscription package. There are in total three types of subscriptions, viewers can avail. You can get a monthly Netflix subscription worth $8.99 per month, it is your basic plan, one can also purchase the standard plan worth $13.99 per month, and you can also try out the premium plan worth $17.99 per month.

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