Cursed Season 2 Not Likely To Be Released By Netflix – Know More.

Cursed aired on Netflix on July 17, 2020, with ten episodes and got positive reviews from reviewers as well as a large global audience. Fans were particularly thrilled to watch Katherine Langford’s portrayal as Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. They are hoping that Cursed Season 2 would address the plot twists that were left during season 1.

There is still no renewal information for Cursed Season 2, but if it occurs, Season 2 will undoubtedly resolve the plot twists. Netflix frequently waits a long time before continuing a series in order to monitor the show’s ratings and audience. As a result, Cursed Season 2 may be renewed a few months later. Furthermore, it’s possible that the continuation of Season 2 has been put on hold owing to the epidemic. During the epidemic, nearly all productions are suspended or postponed, as we all know.

Cursed: Introduction

Cursed is a medieval fantasy drama based on Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s 2019 graphic novel of the same name. Cursed is defined as “a re-imagining of the Arthurian narrative, as seen through Nimue’s eyes.” She is a teenage heroine with a strange gift who would rise to become the mighty (and sad) Lady of the Lake.

She joins forces with Arthur, a teenage avaricious, on a journey to seek Merlin and deliver an old sword. Nimue will become a symbol of bravery and resistance against the frightening Red Paladins and their complicit King Uther during her quest.” Andreeva refers to the play as “the show” in another essay on that website “a coming-of-age narrative with contemporary themes: the annihilation of the natural world, religious fear, pointless conflict, and discovering the confidence to lead in the wake of the unthinkable. Katherine Langford teased Cursed Season 2 and encouraged the audience in an interview with Elle only some few months after the debut of Curse.

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Is Cured Season 2 Canceled?

Even though the concept was intriguing, Cursed was most likely terminated since it failed to meet expectations and did not attract many viewers in comparison to their previous ventures. Rotten Tomatoes gives the series a score of 67 percent based on critic ratings and a score of 53 percent depending upon the market ratings, indicating mixed reviews. Furthermore, owing to the epidemic, Netflix has canceled a few of previously renewed programs because they were unable to put the projects into development, despite the fact that there is a steady pipeline of new episodes and movies to make.

Cursed’s cancellation, though, came as an astonishment for a program that managed to gain some acclaim before its debut. The fact that Netflix acquired Langford – a known performer from its notorious teen drama 13 Reasons Why – to top the cast as Lady of the Lake looked like a realistic move. Immediately after its publication, speculations of a Merlin spinoff began to surface. Despite the fanfare, Cursed only lasted a few weeks and the platform’s top ten charts, and the chance of a spinoff currently looks remote.

Following the announcement about Cursed, several devoted fans have begun lobbying for the program to be picked up by another online provider, using the hashtag #SavedCursed on social media. The cast members are now free to explore other projects, making a return appear improbable. A few of the performers have expressed their thanks for just being a part of Cursed on social media, and Wheeler suggested in an Instagram post on July 9 that another novel may be in the works.


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