What If Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and Episode count

Marvel is now extending their universe by doing the animation series. The first animated series of Marvel Studios What If…? is a massive success. And for this success, they are now going to release another season. The release date of the What If Season 2 is not yet confirmed but it will come in early 2023. If you want to know everything about What If Season 2 then you are at the right place.

In the series What If…? we could explore many universes with Uatu The Watcher. In this, we see the endless possibilities of the Multiverse. Season 1 of What If…? consists of nine episodes. And all the nine episodes were awesome. As in the series, we get to see the Guardians of the Multiverse. But if you think that’s the end, then the answer is no. Because that was just the beginning as much more possible multiversal story is now waiting as What If…? is now coming with its second installment. Continue reading to know more about the second season of What If…?.

What If Season 2

About the trailer of the upcoming Season

At San Diego Comic-con the trailer of What If Season 2 has been shown there. As the trailer was not released online. But as per reports the trailer will be released soon. The trailer was awesome and it consists of many new things. As we see Captain Carter, Natasha Romanoff, and Steve Rogers in the Hydra Stomper, then we get to see Hela as it was confirmed we get an episode of Hela, then we see Scarlet Witch as we are going to Scarlet Witch in action again in What If season 2, then the awesome thing comes as we get to see Odin fighting with Wenwu and Ying Li as in the series we are going to witness the battle between All-Father and the Ten Rings holder, we also the view of Sakaar as Iron Man was there along with him Gamora, Valkyrie, Grandmaster, and Korg and then the trailer ends. We get to know much more details when the trailer releases online.

What is the release date of What If Season 2?

What If Season 2 was first announced on November 12th, 2021 on Disney+ Day. On that day nothing official release date has been confirmed. But at San Diego Comic-con the release date of Season 2 was announced. As this series is going to release in early 2023. But the exact date of Season 2 has not been released. We might get to know the release date of What If Season 2 at the D23 Expo which will be going to happen in September 2022.

How many episodes is What If Season 2 going to have?

Just like the first season of What If the second one will also consist of nine episodes and each episode will have a run-time of thirty minutes and many episodes will also cross the thirty minutes mark. Fans are excited to watch the unexpected consequences.

Who are the new characters which are going to appear in the upcoming season?

In season 1 of What If…? we get to see many new characters as we have seen them in different but in What if…? they all are in different roles. In Season 2 we can expect more new characters who could come in the What if Season 2. As we have seen in the trailer it was confirmed that Scarlet Witch, Wenwu and Ying-Li, Odin and Hela are going to come in Season 2. It is rumored that we are also going to see Eternals and Fantastic Four in it. Season 1 gave us many surprises, now season 2 will also give more surprises.

Fans are super excited to know what is going to happen in the What If Season 2. The trailer was shown at the San Diego Comic-con, and fans loved the trailer. Since there is no official release date announcement, they told fans that the series is going to release in early 2023. So we can say that the series is going to release in the slot of March-April. All the episodes of What If Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.

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