Vox Machina Season 2 Release Date in 2023? Everything to know

The Legend of Vox Machina is a story based on Dungeons & Dragons. A special glimpse at Vox Machina Season 2 was revealed by the cast of the Critical Role tabletop game franchise on Thursday night at New York Comic Con.

Vox Machina Season 2 will air in January 2023. Critical Role also revealed that the show has been renewed for a third season. The 30-second trailer continues up just where Season 1 left off, with the dragons of the Chroma Conclave approaching Tal’Dorei and launching their attack.

To get a sneak peek at Vox Machina Season 2, learn what to expect from it, and find out if there will ever be an animated version of the Mighty Nein campaign, Inverse spoke with Critical Role’s Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Liam O’Brien, and Taliesin Jaffe, who all reprise their Livestream campaign characters on The Legend of Vox Machina.

The actress who portrays half-elf ranger Vex’ahlia, Laura Bailey, confirms that Critical Role’s epic Chroma Conclave arc will be adapted for Vox Machina Season 2. The Briarwood Arc, which comprised the first season of The Legend of Vox Machina, consisted of 15 sessions, while the Chroma fight in our game, according to Bailey, lasted roughly 45 episodes.

There are a lot of stories there, according to Bailey. It’s difficult to choose which events to include in the animated series because they are the ones that mean the most to us. At the same time, we get to elaborate on other events that weren’t fully explored during the campaign because they were only seen from the players’ point of view. We can now understand the villains’ point of view.

A group of five ancient dragons known as The Chroma Conclave engages in combat with Vox Machina in Vox Machina Season 2. The Conclave is headed by the old red dragon Thordak. According to Taliesin Jaffe, who portrays the furious gunslinger Percy de Rolo, “The Briarwoods were nothing.” They lived in a castle and were a little power couple. We now have ancient dragons determined to control the entire game.

Jaffe is putting their confrontation’s broken parts together because Percy had a key role in the Briarwood Arc. He claims that there is a lot of remorse, shame, and retribution. “Maybe I’m not healthy,’ is going to be a lot more prevalent. It might not have just been a smoke monster.

Pike, the gnome cleric played by Ashley Johnson, won’t leave the group again as she did for most of Season 1. She doesn’t leave as frequently, claims Johnson. The bond between Pike and the goliath barbarian Grog, she continues, “gets a little tested from an outside element.”

Emotional barriers will come tumbling down for the twins Vax’ildan (O’Brien) and Vex’ahlia. O’Brien said that throughout Season 1, “we witnessed him attempt to be there for his sister, but also grow as a person in the world and widen their views.” While they kind of get struck by semi-trucks left and right, he still tries to do that in Vox Machina Season 2. The difficulty of doing it increases.

Bailey claims that Vex was extremely guarded and closed off, perhaps even more so than Vax. “You really see her vulnerabilities more throughout Season 2. You can see why she is so protective when some of the walls fall down around her. You’ll see how all the characters change as you watch, says O’Brien, as their relationships change and are tested.

Despite the fact that the season will largely follow the Chroma Conclave episodes of the live campaign, there will still be some surprises for fans, especially because the plot has been condensed to accommodate 12 half-hour episodes.

Every time we try something new, whether it be a comic book or an animated series, O’Brien says, “we get to polish the diamonds and make them shine even brighter.” We are imaginative people. And I enjoy making. Therefore, coming up with novel ways to surprise the audience or astound ourselves with the kinds of stories we can tell is not actually a chore.

The cast can only confirm that Season 3 of The Legend of Vox Machina will be returning. They are unable to provide much more information on Vox Machina Season 2 though. The only thing O’Brien could promise was that upcoming tales will “dig into your chest, grab hold of your heart, and won’t let go.”

The cast, however, seems more receptive to the idea of adapting their second campaign, the Mighty Nein, to further their hypothetical kingdom. Can The Legend of Mighty Nein happen? Laura Bailey sincerely hopes so.

I would love for everything we’re doing to, and that’s the dream,” Bailey tells Inverse. I never imagined it would be so much fun to create a character and watch it come to life by animating it. That would be wonderful for me. For Mighty Nein, I would adore that.

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