Is Dave Sumrall Related to Lester Sumrall? The Surprising Truth

If you are familiar with the world of Christian television, you may have heard of Lester Sumrall, the legendary evangelist who founded LeSEA Broadcasting and World Harvest Ministries. But did you know that he has a grandson who shares his name and passion for the gospel? In this article, we will explore the relationship between Dave Sumrall and Lester Sumrall, and how they are carrying on the legacy of their grandfather.

Who is Lester Sumrall?

Lester Frank Sumrall was born in New Orleans on February 15, 1913. He was a Pentecostal pastor and evangelist who traveled the world preaching the gospel and performing miracles. He founded the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association (LeSEA) and its humanitarian arm LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry, World Harvest Radio International, and World Harvest Bible College. He also pioneered the use of television to reach millions of viewers with his programs and stations. He is widely regarded as the father of Christian television.

Lester Sumrall married Louise Layman in 1944 and had three sons: Frank, Stephen and Peter. He died on April 28, 1996, at age 83.

Who is Dave Sumrall?

Dave Sumrall is the son of Frank Sumrall, the oldest son of Lester Sumrall. He is a third generation minister and visionary who has been preaching for over 20 years. He met his wife Kate in 2003 while he was living in the Philippines doing missions work. They have six children and are currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dave Sumrall is the founder and lead pastor of ITOWN Church, a multi-site church that reaches thousands of people every week. He is also the author of several books, including The Climb: How to Grow Your Faith, The Comeback: It’s Not Too Late and You’re Never Too Far, and The Code: Unlocking Your Purpose.

Dave Sumrall is not affiliated with his grandfather’s organization, LeSEA, but he shares his grandfather’s vision of spreading the gospel around the world. He has traveled to over 40 countries and has partnered with various ministries to plant churches, train leaders, feed the hungry, rescue children, and support missions.

Dave Sumrall is the grandson of Lester Sumrall by his son Frank. He is also the cousin of Andrew “Drew” Sumrall, who is the son of Peter Sumrall, the late president of LeSEA. Drew Sumrall is currently the host of The Harvest Show, a daily live television program produced by LeSEA.

Dave Sumrall and Drew Sumrall are both carrying on the legacy of their grandfather in different ways. They are both passionate about reaching people with the message of Jesus Christ through media and ministry. They are both examples of how God can use one family to impact generations for His glory.


Dave Sumrall and Lester Sumrall are related by blood and by faith. They are both part of a family that has dedicated their lives to serving God and His people. They are both inspiring leaders who have influenced many people with their words and actions. They are both proof that God can use anyone who is willing to follow His call.

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