Virgin River Season 4 Filming Started; When Does It Release On Netflix?


Well… Netflix lovers like us have binge-watched many series in the name of ‘Netflix and chill’ but surely one of the most favorite shows of them is of course ‘Virgin River.’ After performing some unique plot twists in the previous season, this romantic drama is planned to have a comeback with yet another season. The funny thing about it is that Netflix has silently revived the fourth installment of Virgin River even before season 3 was broadcasted and as they work in peace, their shooting work has started just after the conclusion of season 3. and fans are eager to know about Virgin River Season 4.


It’ll be quite unusual if almost everybody from the previous season doesn’t appear in virgin river season 4. Still, just to inform you those are, Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan)

  • Alexandra Breckenridge (Melinda “Mel” Monroe)
  • Tim Matheson (Vernon “Doc” Mullins)
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth (Dan Brady)
  • Colin Lawrence (John “Preacher” Middleton)
  • Grayson Gurnsey (Ricky)
  • Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie).
  • Additionally, Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine Roberts)
  • Annette O’Toole (Hope McCrea)
  • Zibby Allen (Brie Sheridan).


Yeah… those who are veteran Netflix simps, know that the fact that Netflix hasn’t announced the renewal of the fourth installment of Virgin River officially, is not a bit unusual for Netflix. If we compare this case with season 3, we can also see the same thing happening with that one.

Just for you to know that the recent news following Netflix reveals that the series has begun its pre-production work back in August 2021. If the rumors become facts, we can expect to see season 4 sometime in 2022.

“We’re currently predicting that Virgin River season 4 should return in 2022 with it most likely being in Q2-Q3 2022 (anywhere between April and July 2022).” Netflix declares.

Tim Matheson AKA Veron ‘Doc’ Mullins revealed to Radio Times that Netflix is pretty much quiet about all that, he’s just afraid that he’d say something that might make the producers upset. “My understanding is that it will be like any day now” he concludes.

Let’s just stop for a moment here and turn around to have a look back at the previous season.


We saw that Jack (Martin Henderson) and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) reunited. Jack offered Mel a ring and in exchange, The twist comes here that, she also adds that jack is not the father of her child. Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) was arrested as he was suspected to shoot Jack. He declined the charge against himself. Hope (Annette O’Toole) got back to the town just to get hit by a car and she was in serious condition as we’ve seen last time.


It is highly anticipated that virgin river season 4 will reveal the name of the father of Mel’s child and it’s most probably gonna be either Mel’s late husband or Jack himself. “If we have a Season 4, it will be revealed at the end of [it] and it’s a driving storyline in [it].” The show writer Sue Tenney quotes TV Insider. “I will say if we get to go into a Season 4 that the audience will be genuinely surprised at who’s behind all of it.” She concluded.

and the most lovely spoiler that she gave is it’s confirmed that Jack and Mel are gonna be engaged in season 4. “eventually, they are going to get married.” she said.


Martin Henderson elaborates to TV Insider that At the end of the day Mel went ahead and used the news of her pregnancy right awaythat was rather a quick reaction to the proposal from Jack. Jack would have felt that perhaps they could talk about it or that she would maybe give it a couple of weeks before deciding to do that.”

Well, for now, season 4 has not officially been announced yet. Stay connected with us for future news and updates from the Streaming giant.

Frequently Asked Question on Virgin River Season 4

Will there be a season 4 Virgin River?

Fans of the Netflix romantic hit Virgin River were delighted when the series was renewed for both Season 4 and 5 back near the end of September 2021.

Is Jack the father of Charmaine’s baby?

Despite what Charmaine has said, there’s evidence that points to Mike (Marco Grazzini) being the dad. Let’s rewind to season one when Charmaine tells Jack that she’s pregnant with his babies. As fans recall, he’s completely blindsided, especially since they were no longer together.

Where can I watch season 4 of Virgin River?

Virgin River Season 4 will be available on the online streaming platform of Netflix.

Is Mel pregnant on Virgin River?

At the start of the final season of Virgin River Season 3, we saw that Mel realized that her IVF treatment had been successful and she is now pregnant.

Are Charmaine’s twins Jack’s babies?

Charmaine has told Jack that he is the twins’ father. However, she and her new lawyer husband, Todd (Patrick Sabongui) are doing everything in their power to limit Jack’s parental rights which seems highly suspicious.

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