Top 25 Best Sci-Fi Series to Watch on Netflix in 2023

A visionary world that Sci-Fi thriller caters to is unmatchable and if you are finding wholesome binge-watch material to get lost in the imaginary world then you have just landed in right place. Here, you will find all sorts of Sci-Fi series that are best in the genre from Netflix which is still on the top with series like Stranger Things or Dark, even after shedding away Star Trek and Doctor Who. So, see where you want to start from the Top 20 Best Sci-Fi Series.

Stranger Things

Let’s start with the popular one about which you must have heard about. The Duffer Brothers created series takes you on a hell of a ride with its plot covering from mystery and supernatural creatures to bitching and government exploits. Starting in 2016, Stranger Things got its most awaited fourth season in May 2022 only. Set in the 1980s, horror Sci-Fi could be a great starter to fall in love with the genre.


Having some reference to the 80s and a plot of missing persons caused this time-traveling drama to be called “German Stranger Things” but trust me, the series has its own existence and you will start experiencing that right from the first episode. The series divulge the dark secrets of four families living in a small town when their children start disappearing. This first German production of Netflix is filled with unanticipated twists and turns that leave you with no option other than binge-watching the four-season series that ended in June 2022.


Made by the creators of “Dark,” 1899 is a Science-Fiction  Mystery series. The story revolves around the mysterious events happening in a ship filled with immigrants from the old continent to the new one which leads to various twists and turns. Although, the series was going to have three seasons in total, it was canceled on Netflix recently after it’s release despite receiving heavy praise from the viewers.

Black Mirror

The anthology format and Sci-Fi genre don’t fit well. Think again, but after watching this well-acclaimed British series created by Charlie Booker. The series throughout its five seasons and 23 episodes pick up a socially trending topic and dive into the future with some science fiction deployment. The relatable future depiction which is mostly speculative only, can literally keep you in thinking mode or worried about human existence in the future.


The Brazilian series composed by Pedro Aguilera can remind you of something very popular which is Squid Game. But while the concept looks similar it is still different from the Korean drama. This Portuguese Sci-Fi series is set in an untold future time where people from Inland- the world of the poor race to get to the prosperity of the wealthy worlds called Offshore. On this deadly path, you will see how only 3% of all reach the destination after the elimination of some or the death of others.

Altered Carbon

Laeta Kalogridis’ Sci-Fi series is based on a human’s quest to live an infinite life. With quite stunning visuals that keep you glued to the screen, the series tells the story of a mercenary being dead, then coming back to life, and now solving a Mindbender murder case to get his freedom. The American drama holds the concept that, the consciousness of an individual can be digitized, stored, and then can be transferred to another body- yes, that’s how the soldier rose from the dead.

Lost In Space

Inspired by the novel ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ and the 1965 series with the resembling name, Lost in Space is a series about a family which tries to colonize a new planet. But as unexpected turns come into the course, their plan drove off the trail and they found themselves struggling to get off an alien planet where malevolence and otherwise decides what’s ahead for them- survival or them being Lost in Space?

The Umbrella Academy

Created by Steve Blackman, the superhero series is an adaption of Gerard Way’s written graphic novels. Set on the tone of mystery and humor, the Sci-Fi drama is about seven children with some superhero abilities being strangely born, getting adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves-a billionaire, and being trained by him. How the chemistry between the seven changes when they found their estranged dad mysteriously dead and an apocalypse spreading its legs is a thing to see in the three seasons of the Netflix series.

Sense 8

This mind-bender series is a sort of Sci-Fi that may excite you just by the acclaimed creators like The Wachowski Sisters and J. Michael Straczynski the makers of The Matrix Reloaded and Thor respectively. While the international cast and that of renowned ones is an ensemble that we all can adore.

As for the story, the enumeration is all about eight sensates from different corners of the world who are connected to the extent that they share everything from their thoughts and emotions to actions with each other. You have to watch the amazing series to know why the sensates pursue such a daring connection and what’s ahead for them in this.

Love, Death + Robots

If you are in the mood for some animated Sci-Fi then the anthology series comes with a full package of mysterious, hilarious, historic, or romantic forays. The visuals are not going to disappoint you to even a bit as the world-class animators have already presented some outstanding works and the different scripters for each of the episodes are acclaimed for their superb work in the genre. So, pick up any episodes without bothering about links in the story.

The 100

Dark and mind-bender stories are the crux of Sci-Fi and Warner Bros produced this series is a definite fit for the genre. The dystopian drama dwells in the time when civilization is terminated on Earth and 100 survivors are saved in floating space being sent to the apocalyptic place with the motive of checking the inhabitability of the planet. But as it cannot be that simple, The 100s get entangled in the Grounders- the descendants of initial survivors from the bombing.

100 episodes series from 7 seasons, this drama has all to fill you up with emotions- the tussle, break- ups and the death of the characters you might not want to die.

The Society

When Netflix canceled the second installment of this cryptic drama, the fandom only knows what they missed. Well, the eagerness was all about seeing more into the story where a bus loaded with teens sways them into a world where there is no one apart from the teen group. Yeah, that world might be full of enjoyment for kids at that age but you know sooner they realized that they need to be together and find an order to keep up with survival. How the teens are managing it all without their parents and indulging in the mystery of how and why they are in such a situation is a thing that makes it worth watching.

The Silent Sea

Netflix’s investment in Korean drama is at an all-time high and not just romantic but other genres are also on the list. Starring Gong Yoo from Squid Games among other praiseworthy casts, the Sci-Fi thriller delves around a 24-hour mission of space explorers who are trying to excavate a sample from a deserted research facility as it is termed valuable. The tale steps ahead with the interpersonal relationships of the crew, government exploits, and more.

Another Life

Katee Sackhoff and Selma Bair starrer space drama bring forth the risk an alien intelligence crew led by Niko Breckinridge(Katee) pulls to themselves when they indulge in an investigation of a UFO that landed on Earth a while ago.

Though the series has only two seasons, it has found a perfect imaginative first season that ended on cliffhangers and the last season which put rest to all the curiosity of viewers. The fans of Arrival or Star Trek may find the drama perfect for their next binge-watching.

The OA

You would’ve heard of The OA with the name of Stranger Things- viewers found the two resembling, given the plot and concept giving the same vibes of another dimension that exists simultaneously. But that doesn’t say that you will be satisfied missing The OA after watching the renowned ‘The Stranger Things.’

Set on the tone of supernatural beings and a parallel world existence the Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij created drama tells the story of young Prairie Johnson who comes back alive after 7 years of disappearance and what’s shocking is her cured blindness after the return from another dimension. Now called the Original Angel, Prairie form an alliance to bring back others who are stuck in the other world.

When fandom is still hoping for the renewal of the third season you can enjoy the two available seasons on Netflix.

Tribes of Europa

Dark’s producers have brought this ultimate imaginative post-apocalyptic series to your altar. Philip Koch created this German series is all about 2074 when the world is devastated after the world’s electrical system failure. The destruction led to people getting divided into different tribes which fight for their own survival. Three siblings from the Origines tribes are the compelling characters who have found a way to save Europa- but will it be that simple? Obviously no, and those awaiting twists and turns are the ones that will make you fall for it.


Want to indulge in a reality of a Sci-Fi series? Well, then this most realistic Netflix series which is not a pure imagination can fill you up. The title of the series says it all it’s about the multinational crew being on an expedition to Mars and feeling secluded from the world they are used to off. The spaceship drama focuses on astronauts’ life in outer space. Hilary Swank’s portrayal of Emma Green, the commander of the spaceship has fetched many to the series and it might excite you too.

Legends Of Tomorrow

People, who are down and out of time, don’t even go for the first episode of the first season of this Netflix’s time-traveling drama but the ones with a handful of time who can fulfill the necessity of exploring all the seasons are welcomed. The carefree and enjoyable take of the makers for the series brings forth the emotional, painful, joyful, and sort of bizarre form of this series where oddballs from different time zones try to correct all the ‘not-should-be-done’ things from the past.

The concept is itself exciting and the changeable cast keeps the series still fresh after three seasons.


Female superheroes are not that frequent in the industry and owning a series or movie is even rare. Supergirl developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg fills up that gap while being praised for the direction, writing, acting, and concept covered. Supergirl portrayed by Melissa Benoist is a cousin of Superman- one among some last Kryptonians, the super-heroine has to uncover what powers she holds while protecting her National City. Like all superhero narratives, the Netflix series follows the same path of multiple villains, protection of humanity, losing loved ones, and compelling fighting sequels.


You would have seen cameos of Travelers in various supernatural series but this Brad Wright-created series just put some ingenious and detailed prospects to the Travelers- people who can send their consciousness to a host body existing in some particular time. If they are sounding villainous, then no, the Travelers are the lead protagonist of the series travels back to the 21st century from the future with the help of their transferable consciousness to protect people from causing the apocalypse.

Alice In Borderland

Connect it to Jumanji or Squid Games, the series won’t lose its originality. Based on the manga series of the same name, Alice in Borderland is scribbled wonderfully to cater to the amazing turnarounds. Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya, the titular characters are stuck in a derelict Tokyo city and can only be saved if they keep playing the game. The series has garnered so much audience attention that Netflix hasn’t taken much time to renew the thriller for the second season which is about to drop in December 2022.

The One

A DNA researcher claims that it’s possible to match people based on genetics, and founds a matchmaking service. A murder investigation takes things for a turn. The One is based on a book of the same name by John Marrs, published in 2016.

Another Life

This series revolves around the story of astronaut Niko Breckenridge and her crew who set off on an interstellar mission. Their mission is to make the first contact with alien life after an alien artifact lands on earth. The series shows how the lead character and her crew manages to overcome all the difficulties in their path in order to accomplish the mission.

Into the Night

This apocalyptic sci-fi from Belgium, Into the Night sees a red-eye hijacked by a soldier who, along with the rest of the passengers, ends up surviving a deadly global event down on the ground. Can they keep the plane going long enough to take them to safety? That premise alone should be enough to entice you to catch this excellent, tense thriller.

Archive 81

Another Netflix casualty that was killed off far too soon. Two timelines, cults and a mystery are wrapped into Archive 81’s tantalizing package. The multiple genre-straddling show stars Mamoudou Athie as Dan Turner, an archivist who takes a gig restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from the ’90s. He gets far more than he bargained for, drawn into an investigation of a mysterious cult and a young woman who may or may not be dead. A supernatural thriller with horror, noir and sci-fi seeped into its creepy atmosphere, Archive 81 has it all.

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