Top 10 Most Powerful MCU Phase 4 Villains Ranked

The movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now released and that movie concludes phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase four of MCU has given many things many cameos, many emotional moments, and plenty of happiness. From this phase, Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted its tv series. The story of all phase four movies and series have been made way bigger by the villains. As fans have appreciated the performance of acting as a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fans are excited for phase five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the fourth phase of the MCU has ended. We have many things in phase four of MCU and all those things have given joy to fans. The characters who are doing the role of antagonists of that particular movie and series have many new villains who we didn’t expect and some are the villains who are quite expected. There are 18 projects of phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and from these 15 projects, we have chosen the top 10 MCU phase 4 villains.

Top 10 MCU Phase 4 Villains

10. Agatha Harkness. (WandaVision)

Back in 2021, we met a neighbor of Wanda in the series WandaVision and in the later episodes we get to see her become a witch who carries the power of the Darkhold her name is Agatha Harkness played by Kathryn Hahn. She was also the first villain of phase four. Fans are speculating as she is not dead yet for that reason she would be making a comeback in her own project Agatha: Coven of Chaos in phase five. So, it is confirmed that she will be coming back again. However, she set the MCU phase 4 stage on fire.

9. Ammit/Arthur Harrow. (Moon Knight)

Arthur Harrow is in the ninth rank, and his role was played by Ethan Hawke. He has appeared in the Marvel series Moon Knight. He was the Avatar of the Egyptian God Ammit. Previously he was the Avatar of Khonshu and a former Moon Knight. However, in the post-credit scene of the Moon Knight series, we get to see Jake Lockley kill Arthur Harrow. However, he is a very impactful villain in the series and fans have loved to see his character. That’s why Arthur Harrow has earned the ninth spot in the ranking.

8. Ikaris. (Eternals)

Eternals was the movie that was released at the end of 2021. Fans have loved the movie as it brings celestials to us. From the trailer, fans have expected that the superman typed Eternal Ikaris who can shoot laser from his eyes and have super strength like superman, will be the hero of the movie, but the speculations have all gone in vain. As Ikaris was shown as a villain in the movie. The Celestials planned to destroy the earth with the emergence of a new celestial. However, the rest of the Eternals loved this planet, but their plan of, Ikaris was to let this planet be destroyed just like other planets. He kills the leader of the team Ajak and unleashed the deviants. At last, he killed himself by flying into the sun. For this tremendous transformation from a hero to a villain, he earns the eighth spot in the ranking.

7. Taskmaster. (Black Widow)

Taskmaster earns a seventh place in the ranking. Though in the end, she was not the main villain throughout the movie, we have known her to be the villain. As we know Taskmaster is a master of copying someone’s fighting style. And that’s what is applicable in the movie too. In the future, it is confirmed that the Taskmaster is going to return but who gonna take the mantle is not yet confirmed. As in phase 5’s ThunderBolts movie we get to see Taskmaster.

6. Xu Wenwu. (Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings)

From the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are very familiar with the name Ten Rings. In the movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, we get to know who is the head of the Ten Rings association. Tony Leung has done the incredible role of Wenwu. The actions with ten rings are awesome. However, Wenwu died in that movie only. So, there are the least chances that we could see him again in the next movies.

5. Infinity Ultron. (What If…?)

What if…? was the first animated series that is connected to MCU. In this show, we have seen that our well-known stories have different twists and lead to very different outcomes. And in this series, we have Ultron who is very powerful and has successfully created Vision, killed Thanos, and collected all the infinity stones to destroy all life in the whole universe to find peace. Then he discovers many universes and also Uatu the Watcher and started invading different universes. He is one of the great villains of the MCU, and for that reason, he has earned the fifth position.

4. Green Goblin. (Spider-Man: No Way Home)

Spider-Man: No Way Home was one of the favorite movies of the fans in phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, in Spider-Man: No Way Home we have seen the classic Green Goblin from the universe of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, and his role was played by Willem Dafoe as he also did the role in the first Spider-Man movie way back in 2002 and came back in 2021. In the movie, Goblin had led the villains of Spider-Man and told that coming into this universe is not a curse, it was a gift, so they had a universe to conquer. For that reason, it earns fourth place in the ranking.

3. Namor. (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

Now it’s time for the top 3 villains of the phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The third rank is held by the king of Talokan, ‘K’uk’ulkan ka Namor. In the latest release of Marvel Studios that is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever we get to see Namor as the main antagonist. The role of Namor was played by Tenoch Huerta Mejia. He is one of the first mutants to get introduced in the MCU. It is confirmed there are many other plans with Namor and fans are excited to see him again.

2. Gorr the God Butcher. (Thor: Love and Thunder)

Gorr the God Butcher is one of the favorite villains. He was introduced in the fourth solo film of Thor which is Thor: Love and Thunder. The role of Gorr the God Butcher was played by Christian Bale. However, the movie didn’t affect fans that much but fans loved the acting and the scenes of Gorr the God Butcher. He has become one of the toughest villains of Thor. However, in comics Gorr is one of the deadliest villains of Thor. There is a very small chance for the return of Gorr the God Butcher in the MCU, but anything could happen in the Multiverse Saga.

1. Scarlet Witch. (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

At number 1 we got Scarlet Witch, however, she was not a villain at first. But, she becomes desperate to get her two children and wants America Chavez’s power to travel through the multiverse and be happy with her children. After she was corrupted by the Darkhold but the Darkhold was destroyed by Wong’s love interest, Sarah. Then she forces Wong to take her to Mount Wundagore where the Darkhold was copied from the scriptures carved in its walls. Although at the end of the film, it seems that Scarlet Witch is dead but seems like she is a very important character in the whole Multiverse Saga. So we should get to see the return of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda a.k.a Scarlet Witch in the upcoming phases.

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