Thanos actor Josh Brolin almost played Batman in the Snyderverse and wishes to play an Older Batman in the future

We are here to share the big controversy as Josh Brolin expressed his thoughts on playing the Batman as he was almost in the role in Batman Vs Superman and the fans are finding it totally big. Josh Brolin had a wonderful career at the time and the personality is famously known for his role as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Mentioning the part that the personality has stated that he has enjoyed his career in playing different roles at the time.

Josh Brolin, on the other hand, has recently recalled the time when he almost played Batman in the universe of Zack Snyder and thus the fans are talking about it throughout. The universe of Zack Snyder marked the beginning back in 2013 when Man of Steel was released and the authorities were basically looking for a new character to fit into the new version of Batman.

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin almost moved forward to playing Batman and giving the raspy look

Also to mention the part that the lookout for a new Batman was in place as Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice was into development and hence mention that Ben Affleck was basically facing a number of problems through the time and was not chosen at first to play the role of Batman.

The roles of Brolin in the comic roles have stood out to be the most successful over the time and despite the part that the personality had a big career at the time and thought was ahead into standing in a number of famous roles, he almost grabbed the role of Batman to play ahead in the universe of Zack Snyder. His casting for Batman was also in talks and thus took place before the casting of Ben Affleck and thus it means that his personality was highly considered to play the role in the next movies which were in line.

Brolin shared that his casting as Batman was done through the time but the personality also stated that Zack Snyder was the one who did not move forward with him on the project but found his role to be interesting. Brolin shared that his version of Batman would have been an old version and thus a raspy version of Batman in the movies.

Josh Brolin


The fans on the other hand are not getting over the fact that the personality was almost chosen to play the role of Batman but the sources have reported that there are high chances that the personality would return to playing the older Batman in the later movies as his performance has been more convincing to watch.

It is yet to see what will lead in time while the fans around believe that the personality would be brought back to play the role of an older Batman and thus he would totally fit into the role to play the dark knight detective as he would love to play it one day.

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