Tesla Phone Model Pi Fake or Real? Every Details about the most anticipated device

Tesla has been settled at the frontline of innovation and technology by regularly surprising people with its bizarre inventions in the technological field. It is known for its inventive, flashy, and extraordinary technological fundamentals and concepts. Tesla keeps launching many astonishing gadgets all the while. It has now decided to launch a smartphone finally. Tesla has coined its smartphone model’s name ‘Pi’. A long line of tech enthusiasts is looking forward to its creation and launch. It should not be received as a surprise by them that with the level of Tesla, it will contain unusual features and characteristics. These features might include crypto mining, solar charging, satellite internet, Neuralink support, vehicle control, and astrophotography, to just name a few. Now the big question is that ‘Is the Tesla Phone Model Pi fake or real?’

There is not so much information provided related to the Pi Model but with the few specifications given, one can wonder if it will be a dreamy and marvelous launch. If the smartphone is launched by Tesla then it will be with highly advanced and futuristic technology and appearance.

Tesla Phone Model Pi Fake or Real?

Explanation of the Assumed features

The upper-mentioned Vehicle Control feature is pretty clear that it might be able to control simple vehicles to maneuver with the help of an in-built app. It may be something like driverless driving or parking. The feature would provide updated and unique options for Tesla drivers and for the people well-versed with the Tesla Ecosystem.

The satellite internet capabilities have been given away by the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. He explained how the Model Pi could contain incredible built-in satellite internet features. The phone will on its own aid the funding of several more space-bound searches and particularly, the Mars colonization.

When it’s the topic of Cryptocurrency, Musk has himself been extremely positive and enthusiastic about it despite its regular downfall in trend. Musk’s huge admiration for the digital currency could result in the Pi Model becoming a crypto-mining, handheld phone. This concept could witness the Tesla phone mining, Marston.

Neuralink is another concept hyped by Musk for years and years. It conjectures the potential for linking the mind with tech. Neuralink can be compared to a Black Mirror episode that has been brought to life. The fundamental technology of the company’s mission is nearing reality. The capabilities of Neuralink could be mixed with Tesla’s phone concept to control a mobile or a computer device anytime and anywhere we go. But, the Model Pi is not officially confirmed by the company leading to the question if the Tesla Phone Model Pi is fake or real.

For solar charging, however, we are a little skeptical. It will require so much power from a phone from another source to be charged by Solar Power. But anything is likely once decided in Tesla Universe.

Apart from the unique, rare, and extraordinary features and cool technological integrations, the smartphone model Pi could include a standard AMOLED display of about 6.5 inches, 16 GB of RAM, and probably and most likely 1 TB of storage. For the appearance so far, its designs could have similarities with an iPhone, but obviously with a Tesla symbol designed on its rear.

The images launched of the Pi model show an iPhone look-alike, the sleek, four-camera concept for Astrophotography, and an all-screen touch feature on the front. Tesla won’t rely on another operating system but will design its own OS for the device or might outsource the concept to another more faithful and reliable software expert.

Expected Price of the Phone model

Now considering the prices of the smartphone, we could only guess that it may bear a price tag of around $800-$1200. The prices will depend on the specifications and design alternatives. We cannot deny that a smartphone with the Tesla label and with such features won’t cost as high as this.

The potential launch date of the Pi Model

Now if the device is being developed, we cannot expect it to arrive as soon as 2022. It will take some time to be developed such rare features. So we might not see it until 2030, given the speculation about Tesla’s phone presently.

Is the Tesla Phone Model Pi Fake or Real?

With only the pictures spreading on social media, we cannot be sure if the smartphone is really coming or not. This is because there is no announcement from the owner of Tesla about any such thing, yet. There is no official ad or image launched by the company about their big invention. So who knows, what is coming or not, until an official and actual announcement.

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