Thor Dies in Thor Love and Thunder Rumor spreads like wildfire; Fan Theories Explained

Marvel fans have gone crazy over the new trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder. The trailer looks exciting, funny, and filled with joy at the same moment. The movie’s background score is soothing and resembles a fun and peaceful environment, the complete opposite of the actual story! Just after the trailer launch, the theory of Thor dying by the end is surfacing over the Internet.

In Norse mythology, Thor is considered to be the God of thunder and the same God has been adapted into Marvel comics. By the time of Avengers Endgame, Thor was already thousands of years old and now fans suspect what will happen that causes the death of this God.

This is something quite listening to. We have covered various fan theories here along with some Easter eggs in the trailer which you might have missed. So fasten your seatbelts Marvel fans, let’s go on a ride of fan theories!

Significance of Thor’s Fourth Solo for MCU Fans

The MCU linked with Thor up to now has seen Iron Man dead and Captain America going back in time and now turning extremely old. Other members of the Avengers gang are dead or have gone silent after Endgame. The Guardians of the Galaxy had gone back with Thor into space.

This had made Thor the only member of the original main trio left after Iron Man and Captain America who is getting a fourth solo movie. In the new trailer for the movie, Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth, God is trying to find a way to retire when he finds his ex, Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman, holding a reassembled Mjölnir and assuming the Mantle, the Mighty Thor.

Recently in Spider-Man No Way Home, we saw how everyone has forgotten about Spiderman and fans speculate this movie is going to be a farewell for Thor as his female counterpart, Jane will take place in the avengers now as the MIGHTY THOR.

Thor: Love & Thunder – Trailer Secrets REVEALED

Some things that you may have missed in the trailer include the return of Lady Sif. Yes! if you have seen the trailer carefully, Thor’s trusty comrade, Lady Sif played by Jamie Alexander is back. Sif was part of Thor: The Dark World but wasn’t seen in Thor: Ragnarok. She was seen in an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and also had an unexpected cameo in Loki.

She has returned in the fourth solo of Thor but her return has been overshadowed by Jane Foster and her, lifting the Mjölnir. Jane foster aka Mighty Thor can be seen lifting the Mjölnir but have you seen the trailer footage where Stormbreaker can be seen standing at a distance from Thor. Does this mean that Thor has given up fighting and his weapons? If you look at the Avengers Infinity War story, planting a piece of Groot will grow into one of his offspring.

Is Thor planting the Stormbreaker to make a Groot out of it? Let’s just leave it up to the creators as it may get confusing if you think more about it. If we follow the multiverse, there can be a young, a lady Thor and a very old Thor. Jane as Mighty Thor may mean all variants fighting together against the powerful Gorr, the God Butcher.

Thor will DIE? Fan Theories & Truth Behind The Idea

After analyzing the trailer, fans have brought up the theory of Thor’s death. The base of this theory is Korg telling a story to alien children, “Let me tell you the story of the Space Viking, Thor Odinson. He was no ordinary man. He was a God.” He refers to Thor in the past tense. Seriously?

This clearly states that Thor is no longer living and Korg’s footage here takes place after Thor‘s death. Fans have gone crazy over social media and have been sharing their stories on Twitter and Reddit. One user was asking if he is the only one who noticed this past tense reference to Thor.

What can possibly take the life of a God? Some positive fans assume he must have been assumed to be dead as he was hiding for a long time. Believers of this theory think he is dead because he sacrificed himself while fighting Gorr, the God Butcher to protect Jane and other Gods.

Fans who have witnessed Iron Man’s death are adjusting well to this theory claiming they are feeling proud that Thor had died fighting Christian Bale’s Gorr, the God Butcher. A new Thor variant can come like Mighty Thor but it will not satisfy the needs and cravings of fans, after all, the Original is Original.

Critics About Thor’s Departure

According to critics, it is probably the best time for Thor to leave the franchise after being part of four solo and four Avengers movies. Critics believe even if Thor dies and goes to Valhalla, he can technically return back because it is just another realm. This is similar to what Moon Knight showed that you go to the afterlife of your religion once you die.

The last time Thor was seen in MCU he was leaving the planet at the end of Avengers Endgame with the Guardians of the Galaxy team. He will be looking for ways to retire in his new movie and when he finally gets ready, he sees Jane and gets to know about Gorr, the God Butcher. He may have his last fight against Gorr by teaming up with Valkyrie, Korg, and Jane. He may die saving the Gods, including Jane who will eventually replace her as Mighty Thor and take forward the legacy of God of Thunder.

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