Spy × Family Part 2: The Plot, Cast And Release Date For Netflix And Crunchyroll!

The anime series and that too adapted from manga series own altogether a different fan base. Among all, when Spy × Family part 1 ended in June 2022 with a great cliffhanger all viewers couldn’t do anything but just wait eagerly for the second part or even a hint for its premiere. And undoubtedly, the recent announcement for the official premiere date of Spy × Family part 2 has left the fans elated. So, let’s see what we know about the upcoming part.

Spy × Family Part 2: Announcement

When Spy × Family made its debut it was known information that it has a total of 25 episodes so, it was confirmed that part 2 is a sure thing though when it will premier was still a question. To put an end to all the doubts, the official Twitter handle for Spy × Family brought the news to the viewers that Spy × Family part 2 will be released on October 1 and the dispatch was not just that. It came up with a teaser poster putting Anya as the highlight having her mother and father at back with other cast members.

The Twitter post thrilled fans when it pronounces that there will be more content getting released on the official handle of Spy × Family until the premier juggled up all the theories fans may have about the manga series’ next part.

Spy × Family Part 2 Release Date On Netflix and Crunchyroll

Spy × Family has made the world get crazy about it in such a small span and that made the international viewers think that they will get their hands on part 2 in October like Japanese viewers or will it be a long waiting time for them.

The Spy × Family part 1 was handed over to Netflix for Asian coverage with weekly episodes while Crunchyroll aired it outside Asia. A recent post on Spy × Family’s Twitter with a teaser announced that Netflix’s premiere will also be in October 2022 but the platform doesn’t hold rights for all countries. It only covers streaming rights for Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand including Japan. So, fans residing here may prepare themselves for the premiere. Speculations suggest that Netflix may get rights for some more countries for the Spy × Family part 2 but the nation’s names are not yet out to the public.

Netflix on its YouTube channel also announced that it will present Spy × Family Part 2 from October only which is expected to end in December, the same as the television broadcast.

While for the other regions, Crunchyroll too disclosed that the premier will be in October only but hasn’t cleared what parts around the world it will cover. For part 1 the OTT platforms have covered most of the European countries and the USA which is anticipated to be included this time too. Hulu too had its premiere in the USA last time but this time it’s nowhere in the reports.

What Is It The Second Part All About

Those who are fetched here just because of the high-end buzz that Spy × Family has put there in the industry then you must be eager to know what is all about. Adapted from the Tatsuya Endo manga series of the same name, the plot is all about an undercover spy named Twilight who has to build a fake family to successfully complete the mission he is on. In order to complete the task, Twilight is now disguised as Loid Forger a, psychiatrist, and has a wife named Yor who is a dangerous assassin and playing along to fulfill her own motives. Loid also gets a daughter Anaya, who has telepathic powers.

The intense touch to the storyline while having the original plot of action- comedy thriller, makes the adaption intriguing and worth watching.

Spy × Family Part 2: The Team

Fans’ wait for this long for Spy x Family part 2 may be all ashes if the perfect team gets a change in the next cour unless it’s good for the amazing series. But to the fans’ relief, it is expected that the original team will renew their roles for the Spy × Family Part 2. That means Takuya Eguchi or Alex Organ (English) will give the voiceover to Twilight or Loid. At the same time, Atsumi Tamezaki and Saori Hayami will be the voiceover cast for Anaya and Yor respectively.

Renowned Wit Studio and CloverWorks will work as producers for the manga series and Kazuhiro Furuhashi will be seen helming the show.

The Plot Of The Second Part Covered

The spring 2022 anime season was a breakout hit with Spy × Family which covered only three volumes of the original manga that has 10 volumes until now. It is anticipated that the Spy × Family Part 2 will follow the path and start with the lined-up volumes.

That states that we will see the Forger family in turmoil with more troubles, intense fights, and wholesome action scenes. Anaya will be highlighted in the second part for her passing many tough exams in her new school.

There will be the entry of some new characters including a WISE agent whose interest in Loid will go overboard and beyond professionalism. The Forger family will also have a new member in the family named Bond. Yes, the dog we met in the ending sequence of part 1, Bond will also have some mystifying powers to amaze the viewers.

So, are you ready to indulge in this dramatic Part 2?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spy X Family Getting Part 2?

Spy × Family Season 1 is divided into two parts of which one is already released from April to June 2022 worldwide and the second part is awaited to be released on October 1st.

Will Spy X Part 2 Family Be Released On Netflix?

Spy × Family on its official Twitter handle has broken the news that Netflix will also have an October 2022 premiere for Spy × Family Part 2 and the same is announced by Netflix too on its YouTube channel. Expectedly, Netflix will cover Asian countries for the premier.

Will Spy X Part 2 Family Be Released On Crunchyroll?

Through its official website, Crunchyroll has conveyed that it will, like part 1 also be a broadcaster for part 2. The coverage is expected for the USA and most of the European countries.

How Many Episodes Does Spy X Family Season 2 Have?

In November 2021, Spy × Family has been announced with a total of 25 episodes. Twelve of 25 are already premiered in part and part 2 will start with thirteen episodes having a total of 13 episodes.

Is the trailer for Spy x Family part 2 released?

The trailer for Spy x Family part 2 is already released to give a hint to viewers as to what they can expect from the upcoming tour. The footage is available on the official Twitter handle of the manga series and at the Youtube page Netflix. Watch it here for a quick glance:

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