Spy x Family Part 2 Release Date Confirmed for Fall 2022

The first part of Spy x Family has been concluded. The series is based on the manga series created by Tatsuya Endo which features the tale of Twilight, which is the world’s greatest spy who is compelled to perish a fake family for one of his massive missions. In this article, we shall discuss, Spy x Family Part 2 and its renewal updates.

The first season of the series Spy x Family was premiered by Wit Studio and CloverWorks in early 2022. The makers have officially declared that the first season of the anime would be running for 25 episodes. That shows clearly that the first season has been divided into two parts, converting it into split-cour anime. Spy x Family Part 1 consisted of the first twelve episodes and Spy x Family Part 2 will be containing the remaining episodes.

Spy x Family Part 2

In the first twelve episodes of the first part of the series, it introduced the audience to the characters Anya and Yor forger, who ought to play an indirect but crucial and important role in sustaining world peace. Spy x Family latterly released the spectacular 12th episode of the anime.

Now the fans and audience are eagerly looking forward to the next part of the anime. The whole anime community is awaiting Episode 13, which will now be released as the 1st episode of Spy x Family Part 2.

Plot of Season 1, Part 1 of Spy x Family

The story focuses on Twilight, who is the greatest spy in the world. He is sent forward for the purpose of maintaining the state of peace and harmony between the rival countries of Westalis and Ostania. He is given the task of spying on Donovan Desmond, who is the chief of the National Unity Party under Ostania.

Although, because Donovan is infamously reclusive, the only way for Twilight in getting proximal to him is by admitting a kid into the same private school in which Desmond’s sons are studying and imitating as fellow parents of the kid.

To complete this mission, he forges the image of a happy family and created the false identity of Loid Forger and adopts a young orphan girl whose name is Anya, and marries a woman Yor Briar. However, he is unaware of the fact that Anya could read minds and Yor is a professional assassin.

Neither of them is known each other’s real identities and they don’t know that Anya knows their true professions. The family later also takes in a dog with precognitive skills and abilities whom they name Bond. Despite these unknown facts and Twilight’s infrequent lapses of common sense because of years of being a spy, he should be competent in learning to play the role of a perfect father and husband figure in order to pursue his mission.

It also shows the journey of Anya in the Eden Academy. She does a lot of struggle for earning a Stella and she becomes successful in earning one.

Characters and Voice Actors of Spy x Family

The cast of the anime series are:

  • Takuya Eguchi and Alex Organ as Loid Forger
  • Atsumi Tanezaki and Megan Shipman as Anya Forger
  • Saori Hayami and Natalie Van Sistine as Yor Forger
  • Hana Sato as Emile Elman
  • Hiroki Goto as Teacher of Eden Academy
  • Emiko Takeuchi as Tailor Shop owner
  • Taisuke Nakano as Bondman
  • Mirei Kumagai as Yuri Briar
  • Masafumi Kobatake as CEO of Central Bank
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino as Franky Franklin
  • Natsumi Fujiwara as Damian Desmond
  • Emiri Kato as Becky Blackbell
  • Haruka Okamura as Ewen Egeberg

Release of Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2

At first, Wit Studio and CloverWorks announced that Spy x Family Part 2 would be airing sometime in late 2022. But happily, now, post the incredible final episode of Part 1, it has been confirmed by the Japanese animation studio that the anime would be returning in the fall of 2022, that is October 2022.

It is amazingly thrilling that we are going to see Spy x Family Part 2 this soon And with another list of anime like Chainsaw Man and Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 in the same month.

Is a Trailer for Part 2 out yet?

Fascinatingly, the makers have also released a new trailer for Spy x Family Part 2. The trailer gives us an idea of what should we expect from the upcoming episodes of the series Spy x Family.

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