Selena Gomez FURIOUS at Chris Evans for CHEATING SCANDAL with Alba Baptista

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are again on our radar! As per the latest rumors out there, Chris Evans is dating Alba Baptista! They have recently started following one another on Instagram. They will surely look adorable together! But are the two really dating one another? Moreover, some sources even think Selena Gomez is jealous of Chris and Alba’s relationship! The rumors are growing day by day. The funniest part is, that all the three celebrity personalities are utterly silent on the rumors out there. So let’s not delay any further and quickly jump into the main conversation of the day.

Is Chris Evans Dating Alba Baptista? Is Chris Evans Single?

Marvel fans are dying to know the answer to this question. Who is Captain America dating these days? Well, let me tell you beforehand that our handsome hunk is highly private about his love life. As per fans’ assumptions, he is dating Alba Baptista. The rumors were fueled when Chris Evans was spotted in Lisbon, Portugal. Those who don’t know yet, let me tell you Lisbon happens to be Alba’s hometown! As of now, Chris was spotted with Ana de Armas in Savannah, Georgia.

Both are currently busy with their romantic film, namely, Ghosted! As per our inner sources, Ana celebrated her 34th birthday with all the cast and crew members of her upcoming movie. Yes, you heard it right she celebrated her birthday with Chris Evans. The crew organized a cozy birthday party for Ana de Armas. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas surely looked extremely cute together. Just like Chris Evans, Ana’s relationship status is also quite complex out there.

Who Is Selena Gomez Dating? Is She Still Single?

This happens to be the most asked question out there. Recently, the sensational singer launched a funny TikTok video! If you have seen the video, then by now, you probably know the answer to this question. As usual, Selena Gomez is single, her relationship status is still not changed. The singer is highly in love with her single life. All of her friends are deeply in love with their boyfriends, but that is surely not the case with Selena Gomez! In her friend’s group, she is the fifth wheel! But we will surely love to see her in a beautiful relationship.

According to the rumors, she was dating Chris Evans! But none of the parties has ever reacted to the rumors out there. So, she is surely not jealous of Chris Evans and Alba Baptista. Selena was previously involved with The Weeknd and Justin Bieber. We all know about Selena’s struggle with her relationships. But she has clearly moved on from her past. She is currently enjoying her life to the fullest. Her fans are surely very happy for her. If Selena Gomez ever commits to a relationship, she will surely notify her fans about that! We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting celebrity gossip and inside tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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