Sakamoto Days Chapter 109 Release Date, READ MANGA and Raw Scans

Sakamoto Days, the popular manga series written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki, has been a fan favorite since its debut in 2020. The series follows Taro Sakamoto, a former legendary hitman, who gave up his life of crime to come to a humble and devoted family man. But his peaceful life is suddenly intruded upon when he is forced back into the world of assassination. Chapter 109 of Sakamoto Days, named Final Battle, marks a major turning point in the series. we see Sakamoto, the main promoter, and his former rival, Yamada, team up to take down the powerful and fugitive assassin, Iron.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 109 Release Date


Fans can not wait to see what the dynamic duo of Sakamoto and Shin will be over to in the latest chapter, especially after the violent events of the previous chapter. The former chapter left off with a huge thriller, which has left suckers eagerly anticipating the coming installment. Sakamoto Days have gained a significant following since its debut, thanks to its engaging characters, unique plot, and captivating artwork. Fans have been eagerly staying for the release of each chapter, and the upcoming release of Chapter 109 is no exception. Sakamoto Days Chapter 109 will officially be released on March 5, 2023. 

The Reunion of Sakamoto and Yamada

The chapter starts with the long-awaited reunion of Sakamoto and Yamada. The two had a fierce rivalry in their hitman days, but they parted ways on good terms. Yamada is now a skilled operative and he has been chasing Iron for years. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, he seeks Sakamoto’s help. It’s heartwarming to see Sakamoto and Yamada’s reunion, and their chemistry is just as entertaining as it was ahead. Their badinage and humor are a refreshing break from the violent action scenes.

The introduction of new characters

In chapter 109, we’re introduced to a new group of characters who are hired to take down Sakamoto. These characters are all unique in their own way, and their fighting styles and personalities are sure to make for an interesting addition to the story. It’ll be instigative to see how they interact with Sakamoto and how their battles with him play out in future chapters.

The Showdown with Iron

The main highlight of the chapter is the battle between Sakamoto, Yamada, and Iron. Iron is a redoubtable opponent, and his unique fighting style and advanced technology make him a challenge to take down. But with Sakamoto’s combat skills and Yamada’s operative capacities, they make a great team. The fight scenes are well- orchestrated and largely detailed, showcasing Suzuki’s emotional artistic gift. The pacing of the battle is also well-executed, with moments of high pressure followed by brief moments of relief.


Iron’s True Identity Revealed

The biggest shock in Chapter 108 comes with the disclosure of Iron’s true identity. It turns out that Iron is actually a woman, and not just any woman- she’s Sakamoto’s wife, Shinako. This revelation takes the story in an unexpected direction and raises many questions. How did Shinako come a professed assassin? Why did she hide her true identity from Sakamoto? What does this mean for their relationship? The chapter ends with a thriller, leaving readers eager for the coming installment.

Final Thoughts

Sakamoto Days Chapter 108 is a thrilling and action-packed installment in the series. The reunion of Sakamoto and Yamada, the violent battle scenes, and the shocking disclosure of Iron’s true identity all make for an exciting read. The series has always had a great balance of action and comedy, and Chapter 109 is no exception. Suzuki’s art is as emotional as ever, and the story continues to evolve in unexpected ways. Overall, this chapter sets up an interesting new direction for the series, and readers will really be eager to see where the story goes from here.


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