Iron Man 4 will be a REBOOT CONFIRMED by Kevin Feige

Yes, you heard it right! Iron Man 4 is currently in making. But will we see Robert Downey Jr. in the fourth installment of Iron Man? Recently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s president, Kevin Feige too confirmed the filming of Iron Man 4! Stay tuned with us right here, to know all about it.

Iron Man 4 Is Happening! Is It Even True?

We all saw what happened to Tony Stark in MCU’s one of the greatest movies, Endgame. Our loving Iron Man died at the end of the film. Tony Stark might have left to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his fan base still exists to date. When it comes to fans’ favorite ranking, Iron Man happens to beat all the legendary marvel superheroes out there.

All the marvel fans cried their heart out when they saw Stark dying in Endgame. We have already seen triplets for the Iron Man movie. But the big question is do we have another one on the list?

Tony Stark is now dead! So who will take over the Iron Man legacy? There is no doubt that Tony Start aka Iron Man will not be returning to play the main lead in the MCU movies. But does that mean, we won’t even get to see his slightest glance in MCU pictures? Well if Iron Man gets replaced, then we are estimating Iron Lad or most probably Ironheart will take over the legendary title of the next Iron Man!

Iron Man 4 will be a REBOOT CONFIRMED by Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige’s Say On Iron Man 4!

Well, currently all eyes are glued on the film, Ironheart. We still don’t have many updates or news on it, as of yet! But we are hoping to know more about it, really soon. One by one, all the six Avengers have left us. But don’t you worry out there, as we have a lot more to see in the upcoming MCU movies and shows. Fans are very curious to know all about the upcoming film, Ironheart.

Iron Man 4 will be a REBOOT CONFIRMED by Kevin Feige

So far, we only know that Ironheart is soo going to come out exclusively just on the platform of Disney+. We already have a marvel comic book named Ironheart. The whole story is very beautifully explained in the book. Iron Man 4 will definitely follow in the footsteps of the book. Recently in an exclusive interview, we got to hear something more about the film. Our renowned president, Kevin Feige told us that Ironheart is currently in its filming process.

The release date, trailer, and plot of the tale happen to be a mystery. But we are sure all of the information on Ironheart, will come out by mid-season, next year, 2022. If you follow the comic tale, then you will see Riri William is going to take over the legacy of Iron Man, with Tony Stark’s help.

Well, you will find more about the character of Riri Williams, in the upcoming Marvel feature film, Black Panther 2, originally titled Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. We will definitely inform you more about this, as soon as we find something new on Iron Man 4.

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