Qatar’s 1st Laptop Manufacturing Facility To Be Hosted By QFZA, Meeting Growing Demand For Affordable Computers

Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) announced yesterday the establishment of a state-of-the-art production facility in Umm Alhoul Free Zone, built by the partnership between iLife Digital, leading umela inteligence robotics, and electronics company based in Florida, US, and Prime Technologies, a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding.

iLife and Prime Technologies will use the 2,500 sqm factory to create innovative iLife-branded electronic devices, including laptops, PCs, smartwatches, and mobile phones, among others.

The Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) recently announced that Qatar would soon have its first state-of-the-art laptop manufacturing facility.

The 2,500-square-meter factory in Umm Alhoul Free Zone is being built in collaboration between iLife Digital, a leading US electronics firm, and Prime Technologies, a subsidiary of Ali Bin Ali Holding.

According to QFZA, the facility will be utilized to create innovative iLife branded electronic devices such as laptops, PCs, smartwatches, and mobile phones, in addition to other items.

The facility’s production is expected to begin in August of this year. The department is required to conduct 35,000 electronic procedures each year.

The new facility would meet the region’s demand for moderately priced electronic ventures.

The factory will also serve as a logistics, R&D hub and also works as a customer service hub.

His Excellency the Minister of State and Chairman of QFZA, Ahmad Al-Sayed, said, “We are proud to host this partnership between iLife Digital and Prime Technologies at Umm Alhoul Free Zone.”

It’s the latest example of our close collaboration with Qatar’s private sector to foster development and innovation in the country and region.

“This relationship also demonstrates Qatar’s strategic position in global trade, as well as the exciting potential of technology manufacturing in Qatar.

This factory will be a key component of our growing technology ecosystem, as well as a driving force behind our continued support for Qatar’s technology and innovation sector.”

“Through this project, we support Qatar National Vision’s goals of self-reliance and contribute to the “Made in Qatar” initiative,” said Nabeel Ali Bin Ali, Vice-Chairman, and EVP of Ali Bin Ali Holding.

The factory will also serve as a great place for young Qatari scientists to conduct research, invent, and create AI tools and robots.

We are excited to be a part of Qatar Free Zones, and we believe that this strategic alliance will help us highlight Qatar’s increasing position in global trade.”

In addition to serving its proposed function of electronics manufacturing, the new facility will also provide additional benefits such as the development of 160 new jobs, with 144 of them being professional positions.

Furthermore, a local technology powerhouse would help people throughout the MENA region.

iLife Digital and Prime Technologies will be able to improve their own operations and create cutting-edge yet affordable products for the MENA region thanks to Qatar Free Zones’ technology ecosystem.

Qatar is undergoing rapid digital transformation in all sectors, including in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022, the world’s largest global sporting event.

These emerging technology alliances provide an appealing market for multinational companies, SMEs, and start-ups looking for creative solutions.


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