Johnny Depp ANGRY & FURIOUS at Margot Robbie for STEALING Jack Sparrow from Him

Johnny Depp is currently angry and furious at Margot Robbie for taking his part in the 6th appearance of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. We will discuss all the details of Johnny Depp and Margot Robbie and also how Margot Robbie is the new Pirate of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow.

While Johnny Depp has lost his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean because of his ongoing battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The ongoing Battle of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is the reason that Johnny Depp has lost many of his roles. Johnny Depp was supposed to be working on the newest franchise of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, but he was dropped from both movies. The allegations that were made against him that he is domestic violence accused by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Margot Robbie who will be filling the shoes of Johnny Depp will be seen playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. In an interview, Margot Robbie revealed her plans for Pirates of the Caribbean. Her character will not be different from Captain Jack Sparrow which was previously played by Johnny Depp. Shed reveals some interesting news that she wants her character to be an LGBT that will add more spice to the character.

She said “This is the 21st century and people have grown into the idea of LGBT and it will not be a sudden thing as people have already. Know about it so it will be implemented in the movie and it will be more powerful to the girls.” Margot Robbie is excited about her role in the Pirates of the Caribbean and she has been giving continuous interviews about it and how she is thinking of changing some things in the movie that will improve the movie and will be more watchable and entertainable.

As of now, Johnny Depp has not made any comments on this. He has not spoken his mind on Margot Robbie taking the role, but for sure, one can tell that he has been hurt about this. Johnny Depp is someone who is loved in the industry most by the stars. Margot Robbie is one of the stars who love Johnny Depp but her taking the role of Captain Jack Sparrow might have angered Johnny Depp.

Yes, Johnny Depp has never shown any kind of aggression towards anyone taking the role of Captain Jack Sparrow because he had anticipated that no one will be taking the role because he is the best fit for that role. But seems like. Margot Robbie’s decision of becoming captain. Jack Sparrow has put Johnny Depp into a top position. For now, on Twitter, the fans are arguing that Margot Robbie should not play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow as she is someone who hasn’t been part of the franchise.


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