Mike Quinn Bodybuilder Cause of Death: How the Icon Lost His Battle with Illness

Mike Quinn, also known as “Mighty” Mike Quinn, was a professional bodybuilder who competed in the 1980s and 1990s. He was known for his impressive physique, charismatic personality, and outspoken views on controversial topics in the industry. He passed away at the age of 61, after suffering from a long illness. His sister, Kellie, announced his death on Facebook on May 30, 2023. She did not reveal the exact cause of death or the nature of his illness, but she said that he had received his angel wings.

Mike Quinn’s Bodybuilding Career

Mike Quinn was born on November 18, 1961. He developed an interest in fitness and training from the age of 13, according to Generation Iron. He started powerlifting and working out for two hours a day, eventually lifting 220 pounds in a session. He made his bodybuilding debut at the 1981 AAU Mr. America, where he won the overall Teen title and placed 10th in the heavyweight class.

He earned his IFBB pro card by winning the 1987 NPC USA overall championship. He made his pro debut that same year, placing fourth in the Detroit Pro Championships. He competed 10 times in 1988, placing in the top seven in all of those shows, culminating with a sixth-place finish in his first Mr. Olympia contest. He returned to the Olympia in 1989 and 1990, placing seventh and 11th respectively.

He was also one of the bodybuilders who left the IFBB for Vince McMahon’s World Bodybuilding Federation in 1991. He only competed in one show under the WBF banner, placing 12th in the WBF Grand Prix. The company folded within a year, and Quinn applied to return to the IFBB.

He appeared again on an IFBB stage in 1993, placing outside the top 15 at the Night of Champions. He improved to fifth place at the 1994 Night of Champions and appeared in his final Mr. Olympia appearance that year, finishing outside the top 15. He retired from the stage in 1999, after two more shows.

Throughout his career, Quinn was known for his honesty and outspokenness about taboo subjects in the industry, such as steroid use. He also appeared frequently on magazine covers and developed an international fanbase.

Mike Quinn’s Legacy and Tributes

After retiring from the stage, Quinn stayed involved with the sport from the outside until his final years. He posted bodybuilding advice and training videos on his Instagram account, where he had over 20,000 followers. He was also in a relationship at the time of his death, although the identity of his girlfriend is currently unknown.

Quinn’s death has saddened many fans and fellow bodybuilders, who have paid tribute to him on social media. Some of the messages include:

  • “RIP Mike Quinn. One of the most charismatic bodybuilders of all time. You will be missed.” – @dorianyates
  • “Sad to hear about the passing of Mike Quinn. He was a great competitor and a great person. My condolences to his family and friends.” – @leehaney_official
  • “Mike Quinn was one of my inspirations when I started bodybuilding. He had a unique style and attitude that made him stand out. Rest in peace, brother.” – @jaycutler

Mike Quinn was a bodybuilding icon who left a lasting impact on the sport and the industry. He will be remembered for his achievements, his personality, and his courage. He was a mighty man who fought a mighty battle with illness. He may be gone, but his legacy will live on.

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