Mieruko-Chan Release Date on Funimation; Will It Come To Netflix?

A new anime season is approaching, and also many new series are to be seen with this. It would be worth keeping an eye out for Mieruko-chan especially for fans of the spooky, the comic, or both, in autumn of 2021.

Mieruko-chan: Introduction

Mieruko-chan is a series of Tomoki Izumi’s comedy-horror manga. In 2018 it began to be serialized in the ComicWalker of Kadokawa Shoten. In North America, Yen Press manages the publication. The manga continuing today. Yuki Ogawa is responsible for the animation while Kenta Ihara is responsible for the series. Kana Utatane composes the music and Fumiyuki Go is the direction of the sound.  Yuka Takashina, Masahide Yanagisawa, Kyoko Kametani, Katsuzo Hirata, Hideki Hashimoto, and Chikashi Kadekaru are the leading animation directors of the program. The upcoming anime adaptation is animated by Passione, the studio behind shows such as Citrus and High School DxD Hero. Sora Amamiye stars the programme with Miko Yotsuya, Kaede Hondo with Hana Yurikawa and Ayane Sakura with Yulia Nikaidō.

What the story is all about?

Mieruko-chan follows Miko Yotsuya’s tale, a high school girl who can see scary creatures and spirits. She leads a very normal way of life and wants to spend time together with her family and friends. At times she seems to bore his repetitive existence, the youth is smart beyond his years. She realizes how important it is to slow down and live for what it is. Miko’s knowledge comes in useful, as she starts seeing horrendous and horrible creatures, fantasies, spirits, and such wandering around her and the ones she loves.

The high school student has no alternative but to be bold without any reason for their abrupt presence because nobody else but her can see these horrible things. Miko is determined to be oblivious to the existence of the otherworldly monsters in order to prevent his closest buddy Hana from becoming harmful. But her calmness and bravery should not create the false feeling that she does not struggle in the face of hardship. Nevertheless, every day she goes on acting selflessly while suffering terrible atrocities.

Interestingly, paranormal actions and occurrences have a terrible history behind them, so as the narrative progresses, Miko discovers that not all the monsters she meets are similar. Actually, the ways they look vary significantly, as well as how they communicate subtly. This series is a fantastic base for anyone who wants to get inside the genre of gothic anime. It’s an engrossing plot with innumerable turns that can nonetheless surprise everyone so that lovers of horror can be ready for a thrilling trip.

Mieruko-chan: Release Date

Mieruko-debut chan’s episode should be aired on Sunday 3 October 2021. Mieruko-chan Episode 1 is going to premiere in Japan at 10 p.m. (JST). The animation will take place on AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, and BS-NTV on October 3. The anime will be streamed on Funimation.

Is Mieruko-chan on Netflix?

Mieruko-chan is currently only accessible on Netflix Japan. It can be made available shortly in additional places.

Mieruko-chan: Trailer

The program currently has 2 official trailers. They look great and simultaneously frightening, and it is eagerly anticipated.  The trailers include English subtitles so we hope they will have the program or at least they will have a dubbed version, so fans can watch the show from all over the world! This anime is undoubtedly among the most expected programs for the genre in 2021 because of the success of the manga.



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