Melinda Gates HATES Bill Gates for CHEATING ON HER and DUMPING HER

Does Melinda Gates hate Bill Gates? One of the most prestigious billionaires of the world has recently been divorced. Looks like his ex-wife is not on good terms with Bill Gates. The two have already separated their ways. But Melinda Gates holds a lot of grudge against Bill Gates. She had raised many allegations against him. They were married for 27 years. Their divorce was a massive shock for the industrial market. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

The Only Person Who Hates The Billionaire- Melinda Gates: Know Everything About Her

When we talk about successful entrepreneurs, Bill Gates tops the list. The billionaire is known for his business skill and giant stock of capital. Over the years, he has built-in a divine reputation for himself. But there is no denying of the fact that his own wife wasn’t happy with him. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Melinda Gates. They have known each other for a very long time. Melinda Gates and Bill Gates have been married for almost 2 and a half-decade. No one thought they would fall apart. But eventually, things went downhill and the two marked their separate ways. The man who is excellent with numbers surely didn’t see that coming from his own wife.

There was a time when Melinda Gates and Bill Gates were known as the power couple. But there were clearly some secrets hidden in their relationship. The couple share three young children. Some sources even claim that the kids too aren’t willing to stand by their father. They still haven’t decided on the custody of their children. It looks like they will not vote in for shared custody. Melinda has put many allegations on Bill Gates. But the main question here is, are the allegations true?

Melinda Gates Has Put Many Accusations On Bill Gates- Are The Accusations True?

Looks like Bill Gates was not loyal to his ex-wife, Melinda Gates. Sources claim that Melinda has put many accusations on Bill Gates. She has opened up about her problems with her ex-husband. She was shocked to know that her husband was having an extramarital affair. Melinda had raised many questions against Bill’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Well, that’s not all, a few years back, Melinda had been sexually harassed by Bill’s age-long money manager. Surprisingly, Bill was silent on the whole scenario. It is quite clear that Bill has fallen out of love. The feud between the two is day by day increasing. Melinda’s hate for Bill is quite justified as she has invested 27 years of her life to stand by Bill’s side.

On the other hand of the tale, some sources deny the rumors out there. The couple’s separation is still a mystery. Some say that the rumors are just created to hamper Bill’s age-long reputation. But is it really true? We will soon get back to you with the answer if this question. Until then, to know more updates on the latest celebrity gossip, stay connected with us, just right here.

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