Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date – Is it Renewed or Canceled?

One of the oldest anime shows Hunter x Hunter is on our radar. The show has been renewed again! We have recently witnessed the last season of the show. But fans are demanding another season of the show. The show is highly popular among the young generation. You would be amazed to know, the 90’s show is still streaming successfully. People are crazy over the plotline. We all want to see Hunter x Hunter Season 7. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Do We Have Another Hunter x Hunter Season In The Line-Up?

Hunter x Hunter season 7 is in high talk. Fans are demanding furthermore seasons of the show. So far we have witnessed six blockbuster seasons of the show. But we still want more from the production house. As of now, the production is silent on the demand out there. Sadly, the show is not renewed yet. Unfortunately, Hunter x Hunter season 7 is still a decade away from us.

The main authority behind the show, Madhouse is currently busy with other projects. Hunter x Hunter season 7 might never happen. Madhouse is handling a ton of anime shows and movies out there. They are absolutely booked for this year. Moreover, there is hardly any material left for the tale. They have covered it all. We have received six seasons from the production house. There are no loopholes left in the tale. There is no chapter left in the manga tale. Madhouse is also sad over the ending of the show. But they really can’t help it.

Know Everything About The next Season Of The Anime, Just Down Here!

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 solely depends on the manga series penned down by Yoshihiro Togashi. So far, the show has covered all the manga tales out there. As we already mentioned, Madhouse has run out of stories. They don’t have enough story material because they have covered all the chapters. As per our inner sources, Madhouse would love to work on another Hunter x Hunter season. But as of now, the show needs to be on a major pause. Togashi is also silent on the rumors out there.

If the writer releases a new chapter of the manga tale, then you can definitely expect another season of the show. But so far, we haven’t heard anything from him. Let’s hope we hear from him really soon. But as per our estimates, this will take a good amount of time. According to our calculation, another installment of the show is still 3-4 years away from us. The writer is currently under immense pressure. He is trying his best to complete the manga series. He has been working on the project for years now. Let’s hope he soon rolls out another chapter of the tale. Fans will be overjoyed over this announcement. After all the popular 90’s show will get another chapter! We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting Anime movies and series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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