Kid Cosmic Season 2 Release Date; Is It Worth Watching? Read To Know

Kid Cosmic Season 2 is coming back to Netflix in not more than a year after the show was first released in February of 2021. Craig McCracken, the maker of Powerpuff Girls, developed this comic-book type animation entertainment that instantly grabs the hearts of those who watch.

Kid Cosmic: Introduction

Kid Cosmic is an animated superhero television series from the United States. It is produced by Netflix Animation under the direction of Craig McCracken. The kid is a little child who dwells in a quiet desert region and is full of energy and imagination. When Kid isn’t reading comic books, he’s making up his unique stories in which he plays the protagonist. When he discovers five strange stones which offer extraordinary abilities, he recruits his grandpa Papa G, who is capable of producing numerous replicas of himself; domestic diner waitress Jo, one who can teleport; uncontrollable child Rosa, who possess the power of growing to a 40 feet colossal creature at the age of just four and obese cat Tuna Sandwich, who has a third eye on his forehead allows him to foretell the future. Kid forms this team who is called Local Heroes. Apart from these, there is Stuck Chuck, an alien who is stuck on Earth because his spacecraft was destroyed. It is the duty of Stuck Chuck to collect Stones for his Supreme Leader. All trouble begins with the arrival of the aliens in search of the Cosmic Stones of Power. As the plot unfolds the Local Heroes improve their abilities and build courage, culminating in an epic conclusion that brilliantly helped set up the upcoming season.

Voice artists and characters of Kid Cosmic Season 2

In the forthcoming season, the majority of the entire cast will return. Season 2 will see the returning of the whole ensemble.

Kid Cosmic Season 2: Expected Plot

The title of the second season is kept, Kid Cosmic and the Intergalactic Truck Stop. In this forthcoming season, the Local Heroes would be seen to carry out their mission through space instead of on Earth as it happened in the previous season, in search of the last Cosmic Stones of Power. Much towards the termination of Season 1. Kid and the Local Heroes were sure of the fact that their quest had finally ended. But, in a shocking change of events, their alien companion shares the terrible news of Erodius’ gain of power and that he couldn’t be defeated by anybody. The only way to crush him down and rescue the galaxy is by acquiring 13 Cosmic Stones.

Jo, who’s been chosen as the leader is supposed to be the center of the plot. The onus is on her to lead every member of the team to victory over their most potent threat ever. Jo’s persona will be pushed to its extremes, much like the kid had to encounter in the first season of the series. Even though the teaser reveals that it’s nowhere going to be a simple journey, if they manage to acquire all the Cosmic Stones of Power then it will give more mystical abilities that will contribute to conquering Erodious.

Kid Cosmic Season 2 Expected Release Date

Season 2 is expected to be aired on September 7 this year. As a refresher, binge-watch the foremost show on Netflix! The streaming giant also released first-look pictures and a teaser for the upcoming sequel season.


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