Joe Rogan APOLOGIZES after his COVID-19 Vaccine Controversy Affects Spotify Shares

Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster. He was recently in the news for his remarks on the COVID-19 vaccine. He received a lot of backlash from many celebrities. After this, he has finally issued an apology. Let’s read more details in this article. 

Joe Rogan hosts a podcast titled The Joe Rogan Experience. It is quite a famous podcast. Host Joe Rogan interviews various famous personalities on his podcast. A few days ago Joe Rogan made some statements regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The statement is said to spread false information about the vaccine. It was also said that this could stop people from getting vaccinated. This podcast streams on the music streaming application Spotify. After this many famous personalities, as well as doctors, reached out to the Spotify director. They urged to remove such misinformation from the platform. Singer Neil Young wrote a letter to Spotify and informed them that he is removing his songs from the application. He stated that Spotify can either retain his songs or Rogan’s podcast but not both. After this 270 scientists and medical professionals also urged Spotify to not encourage such misleading content. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also requested Spotify to remove such misleading content. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted a blog recently. He stated that an advisory will be issued soon. This will clear out confusion regarding the COVID-19 as well the vaccine. He also stated that Spotify never encourages misleading content. He said that he will ensure such incidents do not take place in the future as guidelines for creators will also be issued. 


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After this backlash, Joe Rogan has finally issued an apology. He posted a ten minutes long video on Instagram. He apologized publicly. He also stated that he never meant to hurt anyone’s personal sentiment and will make sure to balance things better in the future. As of now, Spotify has not removed Joe Rogan’s podcast from its application. It looks like Spotify is in no mood to remove the podcast. On the other hand, it was reported that Spotify lost billions of dollars due to this controversy. Earlier guidelines related to COVID-19 were issued by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Now Spotify has also issued guidelines where medical professionals are sharing relevant information related to the pandemic and the COVID-19 virus. One wrong piece of information affected Spotify negatively and it also lost songs by famous singer Neil Young. 

Spotify is an audio streaming application. It was founded in 2006. Its headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. After this recent controversy, many users boycotted Spotify and this affected it badly. After facing the loss of billions the audio streaming platform finally issued an advisory. However, the damage is done now. Even though Joe Rogan has apologized publically singer Neil Young has not reacted to it. It looks like he is in no mood to come back on the platform. Previously he released his music on the platform stating that he wants his music to be accessible to people easily. Let’s hope that things get better and this controversy ends soon.


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