James Corden getting CANCELLED after EXTREMELY RACIST Remark about BTS


James Corden, the presenting body of The Late Late Show, has pissed off the BTS Army with his recent comments about the United Nations boys’ trip. The K-pop group made a remarkable appearance at the United Nations General Assembly, where it played and presented a statement on climate change and the need for young people to understand it. The celebrity band also performed their song Permission to Dance, in front of various politicians as well as other members. James Corden mocked the trip and made some comments that were highly criticized by BTS fans.

What Did James Corden Comment?

THE ARMY has turned to Twitter to express its displeasure with BTS fans being labeled “15-year-olds” and “unknown guests.” After receiving a response, the TV presenter has already removed the video. BTS is referred to as one of the leading stars, whose visit to the UN highlighted the problems they faced as a result of the ongoing COVID epidemic and what role young people have in improving the situation. Earlier the group had a speech at the UN about the Love Myself Campaign in 2017.

BTS fans have criticized talk show host James Corden after he made numerous comments about the boy band on The Late Late Show. The British singer made jokes about South Korea’s recent participation in the United Nations General Assembly on The Late Late Show on September 20. Posting this comment, James Corden faced intense hatred from BTS fans who took to Twitter to express their anger. Following the incident, the producer was renamed Papa Mochi and this was started by Jimin, adding that the anchor was now included in their Black Book.

Late Late Show and James Corden failed to respond appropriately to the situation. However, as noted by BTS supporters, the program’s Twitter account has now deleted the video completely which was showing Corden’s words. Amid all this growing hatred James Corden still faces another problem. Wicked fans have signed a petition for the producers of the chat show to fire James Corden. Despite the lack of confirmation that the star is a part of the Wicked show, a request made to Change.org to remove or cancel James Corden collected more than 50,000 signatures.

Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo, British Oscar contestants, will star in the film, which tells the story of Wizard of Oz. The creator of the show Gavin & Stacey, 43-year-old James Corden, will not be joining the two if fans get their wish fulfilled. James Corden, who has been part of various television programs, is receiving a lot of hate as revealed in an online application. Jon M Chu will be the directing body of the show Wicked. The online world is in an uproar when a version of the Broadway Wicked music video is announced, with fans eager to join the campaign to prevent James Corden from acting in it. The campaign has already exceeded the target achievement of 25,000 signatures at the time of publication. It will be great to see in spite of this hatred, James Corden will be part of the villains or not.

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