Angelina Jolie Cause MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS to Brad Pitt While They were Married


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been locked up in the worst court case since they filed for divorce in September 2016, but the thing between the two wasn’t always gloomy. The Oscar winners fell for each other during the filming of the 2005 action film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. The origins of their relationship have caused quite a stir since Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. Friends alum and star of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood announced their separation in January 2005. She filed for divorce the following March, and the trial was adjourned in October 2005.

“We spent a lot of time realizing and thinking and talking about what we both wanted in life and realized that we wanted the same things,” Jolie told Vogue in January 2007. “And then we continued to take time. life improved so much that we could be together, when it seemed like we were going to do something, we had to do it.” Pitt and Jolie became critical when she confirmed her pregnancy with their first child in January 2006. He officially adopted her son Maddox and daughter Zahara in 2006, and their children were given the Jolie-Pitt surname.

The couple brought Shiloh in May 2006. The Maleficent actress had a son Pax in March 2007, and the actress followed in February 2008. Their twins, son Knox and daughter Vivienne were born in July 2008. Jolie and Pitt announced their marriage in April. 2012. They tied the knot in France in August 2014. However, Brangelina called it in September 2016.

“One of the biggest, most intelligent things I have ever done was to give my children Angie as their mother,” he bragged to Parade in September 2011. “ She is a wonderful mother. Oh, man, I’m so glad to have her. With a partner like Angie, I know that when I work, kids are happier, safer, and more prosperous. And when Angie works, she knows she has the same.”

The Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider star went for separation after two years of their married life, citing irreconcilable differences. He asked for the right to care for only six of their children. “This decision is for the good of the family,” his lawyer said in a statement to Us Weekly. A private plane crash between the two led to a child abuse investigation into Pitt. “He got drunk and fought with Angelina,” the source said. “Maddox intervened to protect Angie and got into Brad’s face.” The Fight Club actor was dropped of the allegations in November 2016.

Pitt “would very much like to go out for one more time,” a source revealed specifically, but the actor was not yet ready for his love life to be “considered” again in the public eye. “[He] wants to find that special someone he will stay with for a long time,” said the insider, noting that Pitt “had a problem” with endless guesses – even when he “wanted a friendly coffee.” The Troy star was “focused on family, charities, and work,” and hoped that “he and Angelina found a way to forgive each other and move on, for the sake of the children if nothing else,” the source said.

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