Jada Pinkett was LAUGHING after Will Smith ASSAULTED Chris Rock

We are here to talk about the latest fact in the running controversy of Will Smith as Jada Pinkett Smith was officially spotted laughing while the situation took place at the time. The controversy of Will Smith has been making a lot of noise ever since the big night of the Oscars came forward. Mentioning the part that the event would no doubt stay a historical one due to the event which took place on the occasion which left everyone speechless at the time.

The Oscars took place recently but moreover, the situation which took place at the time is the one that everyone would remember for a long time. Chris Rock appeared on the stage to announce the winner of the documentary at the time thus it did not go as planned at the time and things took a big turn over time.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith chuckles are being talked about on the internet

Chris Rock was also cracking hilarious jokes over the time as the usual host does and he made a funny comment on Jada Pinkett Smith at the event while she was sitting alongside her husband Will Smith. Chris Rock commented that he can’t wait for Jada Pinkett Smith to appear in G.I. Jane 2 and though everyone laughed ovee at the joke Will Smith on the other hand did not find the joke funny at all and thus he moved forward on the stage and slapped Chris Rock infront of everyone on national television. The situation which turned out stood out to be a shocking one for everyone who was present at the event and even for the audience worldwide.

The situation also has been standing on the number one position on the trending note and thus everyone has been talking about it currently and what legal actions should be taken against Will Smith to what step he took. Moreover, mentioning the part that a new video clip has recently been released and most have missed it at the time and thus it basically shows how Jada is laughing after the time when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and though the clip is also being surfacing around on the internet.

Jada Pinkett Smith


The clear face of Jada could not be seen at the time but it could be noticed that her personality finds it funny after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. Jada once again chuckles in the clip when Chris Rock mentioned the night to be the greatest one in the history of television.

Will Smith has been heavily criticized for the action he pulled on the stage of the Oscars and a number of celebrities have also shared their word about how inappropriate it was what he did. It is yet to see what more will the situation escalate to in the time period as Chris Rock is yet to come forward and address the situation which took place.

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