Is Tyler James Williams related to Orlando Jones? The truth behind the resemblance

Many people have wondered if Tyler James Williams, the star of Everybody Hates Chris and Dear White People, is related to Orlando Jones, the comedian and actor known for Sleepy Hollow and American Gods. The two actors have a striking resemblance that has sparked many jokes and speculations on social media. However, the truth is that they are not related at all, and they have both clarified this several times.

How the rumor started

The rumor that Tyler James Williams and Orlando Jones are father and son started in April 2016, when Jones took a test on the website CelebsLike.Me to find out which celebrity he looks like the most. The result was Jeff Goldblum, which Jones found hilarious and posted on his Twitter account with the caption “This is some BULLSH*T!!!”

His followers then suggested that he looks more like Tyler James Williams, and some even joked that they are father and son. Jones was not amused by this, and he replied with a series of photos of him and Williams on the set of Everybody Hates Chris, where they played co-workers. He wrote: “My friend? Yes. My colleague? Sure. NOT my son. And until someone can prove otherwise y’all need to STAHP!!!”

He also added in his Twitter bio a disclaimer that he does not look like Solange Knowles, Juwanna Man, Jeff Goldblum in blackface, or Mos Def. He also retweeted a fan who suggested that he and Williams should make a father/son buddy action comedy for the culture.

How they addressed the rumor

Tyler James Williams did not respond to the rumor directly, but he did share a photo of him and Jones on his Instagram account in January 2023, when they starred together in Abbott Elementary, a comedy series where Jones plays Williams’ father. He captioned the photo: “The resemblance is uncanny… #AbbottElementary”

Many fans commented on the photo, expressing their surprise and confusion about their relationship. Some still believed that they are related, while others praised their chemistry and humor on the show.

Orlando Jones also posted a photo of him and Williams on his Instagram account in February 2023, with the caption: “Father & Son #AbbottElementary”However, he clarified in the comments that he was joking and that they are not related. He wrote: “We are not related people!!! It’s called acting!!!”

The truth about their relationship

According to Articlebio, Orlando Jones and Tyler James Williams are not related by blood or by marriage. They are just friends and colleagues who happen to look alike. They have worked together on two shows: Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009) and Abbott Elementary (2023-present). They have also supported each other’s projects and causes on social media.

Orlando Jones is 55 years old, born on April 10, 1968, in Mobile, Alabama. He is married to Jacqueline Staph since 2008, and they have two children together.

Tyler James Williams is 30 years old, born on October 9, 1992, in Westchester County, New York. He is not married, but he has been dating singer Anastasia Wright since 2018,

Both actors have impressive careers in film, television, music, and comedy. They have also been vocal about social issues such as racism, homophobia, and police brutality.


Is Tyler James Williams related to Orlando Jones? The answer is no. They are not father and son, nor are they cousins or siblings. They are just two talented actors who share a remarkable resemblance that has caused a lot of confusion and amusement among their fans. They have both denied the rumor several times, but they have also embraced it as a source of humor and fun.

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