Is Soul Related to Shinra? The Ancestors of Soul Eater and Fire Force Explained

Soul Eater and Fire Force are two popular manga and anime series created by Atsushi Ōkubo. Both series share a similar art style, humor, and themes of fighting evil with supernatural powers. But are they also connected by a deeper plot? Is Soul, the main character of Soul Eater, related to Shinra, the main character of Fire Force? This article will explore the possible clues and evidence that suggest a link between the two series.

The Soul Resonance

One of the most obvious hints that Soul Eater and Fire Force are connected is the use of soul resonance, a technique that allows two or more people to synchronize their souls and amplify their power. In Soul Eater, soul resonance is used by meisters and their weapons to perform powerful attacks and transformations. In Fire Force, soul resonance is used by pyrokinetics, people who can manipulate fire with their will, to enhance their abilities and access the Adolla realm, a mysterious dimension where the source of all flames resides.

In Fire Force chapter 304, Shinra is fighting against The Evangelist – the main antagonist and most likely the final boss of Fire Force alongside his brother Sho and his mother who was transformed into an infernal. The three decided to merge their souls together and use a technique that was used in Soul Eater – Soul Resonance. This implies that Shinra and his family have a connection to the world of Soul Eater, where soul resonance is a common practice.

The Shinrabanshō-man

Another clue that Soul Eater and Fire Force are connected is the appearance of the Shinrabanshō-man, a mysterious entity that manifests when Shinra performs soul resonance with his family. The Shinrabanshō-man is described as the incarnation of the Savior itself, a being that can save the world from the threat of the Evangelist and her plan to destroy it with a second Great Cataclysm.

The Shinrabanshō-man bears a striking resemblance to Lord Death, the founder and headmaster of Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), the main setting of Soul Eater. Lord Death is also a powerful being that protects the world from evil forces, such as witches and kishins, corrupted souls that can cause madness and destruction. Lord Death is also known for creating Death Scythes, weapons that are made from human souls that have consumed 99 evil souls and one witch soul.

Could it be that Shinra is a descendant of Lord Death, or perhaps his reincarnation? Could it be that his Adolla Burst, a rare flame that grants him immense power and access to the Adolla realm, is actually a form of Death’s wavelength, a unique soul energy that allows him to control his own shape and size? Could it be that his fire abilities are actually derived from Death’s scythe skills?

The Excalibur

A third clue that Soul Eater and Fire Force are connected is the presence of Excalibur, a legendary sword that appears in both series. In Soul Eater, Excalibur is one of the most powerful weapons in existence, but also one of the most annoying. He has a pompous personality, a high-pitched voice, and a long list of annoying rules for anyone who wants to wield him. He is also known for telling long and boring stories about his past exploits.

In Fire Force, Excalibur is also a legendary sword, but with a different origin. He is one of the eight Holy Sol Temple’s sacred weapons, forged from Amaterasu’s flames. He is also one of Vulcan’s creations, a genius engineer who joined Company 8 to help them fight against the Evangelist. He has a similar personality to his Soul Eater counterpart, but with a more robotic voice and appearance.

Excalibur appears in Fire Force chapter 287, when Arthur Boyle, one of Shinra’s comrades and rivals in Company 8, uses him to fight against Dragon, one of the Evangelist’s strongest followers. Arthur is a knight-themed pyrokinetic who can create plasma swords with his imagination. He is also obsessed with fairy tales and fantasy stories. He believes that he is the true King Arthur who can pull out Excalibur from its stone.

Could it be that Excalibur is actually the same sword in both series, but with different forms? Could it be that he has traveled between worlds or dimensions with his own power? Could it be that he has some connection to Shinra or Soul as well?

The Conclusion

There are many possible clues and evidence that suggest a link between Soul Eater and Fire Force. However, there is no definitive answer or confirmation from the author himself. It could be that he is just having fun with his fans and references, or it could be that he is planning a big reveal or crossover in the future. Until then, we can only speculate and enjoy his works as they are.

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