Is Phyllis Randall Related to John Dutton? The Shocking Truth Behind Jamie’s Birth Mother

Who is Phyllis Randall?

Phyllis Randall was the biological mother of Jamie Dutton, the adopted son of John and Evelyn Dutton. She was married to Garrett Randall, a violent and abusive drug addict who killed her when Jamie was only three months old.

According to Outsider, Garrett found Phyllis selling her body to pay for her drug addiction while baby Jamie lay in his bed, starving and sucking on a crack pipe. He beat her to death and was charged with second-degree murder.

Phyllis did not always have such a troubled life. John Dutton knew her before she married Garrett and begged her not to do it. He said he knew what kind of man Garrett was and that Phyllis thought she could save him.

How did John Dutton adopt Jamie?

The Duttons were friends of the Randalls and took in the infant Jamie as their own after Phyllis’s death. John said he protected, guided and loved Jamie as his son and earned the right to call him that.

However, Jamie did not know the truth about his birth parents until he needed his birth certificate to be sworn in as the Attorney General of Montana. He discovered that his real name was James Michael Randall and that John and Evelyn were not his biological parents.

He then sought out his biological father, who was released from prison after serving 30 years. Garrett tried to convince Jamie to turn against the Duttons and reclaim his birthright.

There is no official confirmation that Phyllis Randall was related to John Dutton by blood. However, some fans have speculated that she could have been his sister or sister-in-law.

One theory, proposed by Reddit user u/Matthmil, is that Phyllis’s maiden name was Dutton and that she was John’s sister. The user cited several clues to support this idea, such as John’s closeness to Phyllis before she married Garrett, John’s resentment of Jamie for taking away his sister from the ranch, and Jamie’s name being derived from the family founder.

Another theory, suggested by Horsey Hooves, is that Phyllis was Evelyn’s sister. This would explain why John felt responsible for taking care of Jamie and why he kept his adoption a secret from him.

However, these theories are not confirmed by the showrunners or the actors. They are just fan speculations based on the limited information available about Phyllis’s background.

What will happen next?

The revelation of Jamie’s birth mother has added more drama and complexity to his relationship with the Duttons. He has already betrayed them several times, such as by signing over their land to the governor, ordering a hit on Beth, and siding with Roarke Morris.

He has also shown signs of becoming more like his biological father, such as by killing a reporter who threatened to expose his secrets and by impregnating a woman he barely knew.

Will Jamie ever find peace with his identity? Will he ever reconcile with his adoptive family? Will he ever learn more about his birth mother? These are some of the questions that fans hope to see answered in the upcoming season of Yellowstone.

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