Is Papa Jim Related to Danny? The Truth Behind Their Bond

Papa Jim was a beloved internet personality who appeared in many of Danny Duncan’s YouTube videos. He was known for his hilarious antics, his love for coke, and his adventurous spirit. He passed away on May 12, 2022, at the age of 92, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and joy.

Many fans of Danny Duncan wondered if Papa Jim was related to him, as they seemed to have a close and genuine bond. However, the truth is that Papa Jim was not Danny’s grandfather, but the grandfather of his close friend and assistant, David Tomchinsky.

Who was Papa Jim?

Papa Jim was the grandad of Danny Duncan’s assistant, David Tomchinsky, but it may have seemed he was related to the YouTube star. He was born in December 1929 and lived a long and fulfilling life. He served in the US Navy during the Korean War and later worked as a carpenter.

He became an internet sensation after Danny Duncan featured him in his viral videos, where he would do various pranks and stunts with him. He would also give advice and wisdom to Danny and his fans, often ending his sentences with “love your family, love your friends, love yourself”.

He enjoyed skinny dipping, quad biking, boating, and drinking coke. He had a positive outlook on life and always made people smile with his humor and charisma.

How did Danny Duncan meet Papa Jim?

Danny Duncan met Papa Jim through his friend and assistant, David Tomchinsky, who is Papa Jim’s grandson. David works as an executive assistant and social media manager for Danny’s brand². He introduced Danny to his grandfather and they hit it off instantly.

Danny started featuring Papa Jim in his videos, where he would take him on various adventures and make him do crazy things. Papa Jim was always up for anything and never backed down from a challenge. He became a fan favorite and gained a lot of followers on his own Instagram account.

Danny and Papa Jim developed a strong friendship over the years and considered each other as family. They celebrated birthdays, holidays, and milestones together. They also supported each other through hard times and shared many unforgettable memories.

How did Papa Jim die?

Papa Jim died on May 12, 2022, at the age of 92. The cause of his death has not been disclosed by his family or by Danny Duncan. However, Danny confirmed the news of his passing on his Instagram account, where he posted a series of photos with Papa Jim along with a heartfelt caption.

He wrote: “Thank you for all the laughs and unforgettable memories. I love you papa Jim. RIP.”

Danny also posted a tribute video on his YouTube channel on May 21, 2022, titled “RIP PAPA JIM”. The video showed some of the best moments of Papa Jim from his videos, as well as some unseen footage of him behind the scenes. The video has over 7 million views and thousands of comments from fans expressing their condolences and gratitude to Papa Jim.


Papa Jim was not related to Danny Duncan by blood, but by love. He was the grandfather of Danny’s friend and assistant, David Tomchinsky, but he treated Danny as his own grandson. They shared a special bond that transcended age and background. They made each other happy and inspired millions of people with their videos.

Papa Jim will be remembered as a legend who lived life to the fullest and brought joy to everyone who knew him. He will be missed by his family, friends, fans, and especially by Danny Duncan.

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