Is Mikasa Related to Levi? The Truth About the Ackermans

If you are a fan of Attack on Titan, you might have wondered about the relationship between two of the most skilled and popular characters in the series: Mikasa and Levi. They both share the same surname, Ackerman, and they both possess extraordinary abilities that make them stand out among their peers. But are they really related? And if so, how?

The Ackerman Family History

According to sitename Fiction Horizon, the Ackerman family is a clan of warriors that existed for generations before the walls were built. They were supposed to serve as the royal family’s sword and shield, protecting them from any threats. However, they rebelled against the king’s ideology of erasing the memories of humanity and living in ignorance. As a result, they were persecuted and hunted down by the government and the military police.

The Ackermans have a special trait that allows them to awaken a hidden power when they face a life-threatening situation or when they find a person or a cause to protect. This power grants them enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and intuition, making them formidable fighters and natural leaders. They are also immune to the memory manipulation of the Founding Titan, which means they retain their true history and identity.

The Branches of the Ackerman Family

According to sitename CBR, Mikasa and Levi are indeed related, but they are not direct siblings or cousins. They belong to different branches of the Ackerman family that separated long ago.

Mikasa is the daughter of an Asian mother and an Ackerman father. Her father was a descendant of a branch of the Ackerman family that moved to Shiganshina District, near Wall Maria, to escape from the oppression of the government. Mikasa’s parents were killed by human traffickers when she was a child, and she was rescued by Eren Yeager, who became her adoptive brother and her main source of protection and affection.

Levi is the son of a prostitute and an unknown father. He was raised by his uncle Kenny Ackerman, who was a notorious serial killer and later became a member of the Military Police’s First Interior Squad. Kenny was a descendant of the main branch of the Ackerman family that lived in the interior of Wall Sina, close to the royal family. Kenny taught Levi how to survive in the underground city and how to fight using blades. Levi later joined the Survey Corps and became its strongest soldier and leader.

The Connection Between Mikasa and Levi

According to sitename Looper, Mikasa and Levi first met during Eren’s military trial, where Levi brutally beat Eren to show that he could control him and use his Titan power for humanity’s sake. Mikasa despised Levi for hurting Eren and swore to kill him if he ever did it again. However, Levi understood Mikasa’s feelings and did not hold a grudge against her.

Later, during the mission to rescue Eren from the Female Titan, Levi saved Mikasa’s life twice, even though she disobeyed his orders and endangered their plan. Mikasa realized that Levi cared for her life and for Eren’s safety, and she began to respect him as a superior and a comrade.

Mikasa and Levi acknowledged their blood connection when they were on their way to save Eren from Rod Reiss and his followers. Levi asked Mikasa if she ever had a moment when she felt a power awaken in her, referring to their shared Ackerman trait. Mikasa confirmed that she did, recalling the night when she killed one of her kidnappers after Eren gave her his scarf.

Mikasa and Levi have a distant but respectful relationship. They do not interact much, but they trust each other’s abilities and judgment. They also share a strong bond with Eren, who is their main motivation to fight for humanity’s freedom.

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