Is Michael Related to Zendaya? The Truth Behind the Claim to Fame Contestant

Zendaya is one of the most popular and talented young stars in Hollywood, with a successful career in acting, singing, and fashion. She has starred in hit shows like Euphoria and movies like Spider-Man and Dune. But did you know that she also has a brother named Michael who appeared on a reality TV show called Claim to Fame?

What is Claim to Fame?

Claim to Fame is a new unscripted series on ABC that features celebrity relatives who compete for a cash prize while keeping their identities a secret. The show is hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, who are also famous siblings of Nick and Joe Jonas.

The contestants have to live together in a mansion and participate in various challenges that test their skills, knowledge, and personality. They also have to avoid being exposed by their fellow players, who can use clues and hints to guess their celebrity connections.

How did Michael reveal his identity?

Michael was one of the contestants on Claim to Fame who claimed to be Zendaya’s brother. He tried to keep his secret by acting vague and deflecting questions about his sister. However, he made some mistakes that gave him away.

One of the biggest clues was a spider that was used as an object in one of the challenges. The spider was a reference to Zendaya’s role as MJ in the Spider-Man movies, where she co-stars with Tom Holland, her rumored boyfriend.

Another mistake that Michael made was admitting that he had a crush on Zendaya, which was very strange and awkward. He also failed to answer a question about Euphoria, Zendaya’s critically acclaimed drama series on HBO.

These clues led the other contestants to suspect that Michael was Zendaya’s brother, and they voted him out in the second episode. Michael was not happy about his elimination and felt betrayed by his allies.

The answer is yes, Michael is indeed Zendaya’s brother. He is one of her five siblings, who are all from her father’s side. Zendaya’s full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, and her father is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Her mother is Claire Marie Stoermer, who is of German and Scottish descent.

Michael’s full name is Michael Lee Stoermer Coleman, and he is Zendaya’s older brother. He is 30 years old and works as an actor and musician. He has appeared in some short films and web series, such as The Reversal and The Endless Whispers.

Michael is also very close to Zendaya and supports her career. He often posts pictures of them together on his Instagram account [@itsmichaelcoleman]. He also attended the premiere of Dune with Zendaya in October 2021.

What are fans saying about Michael?

Michael’s appearance on Claim to Fame has sparked a lot of reactions from fans online. Some fans were surprised to learn that Zendaya had a brother, while others were impressed by his resemblance to her. Some fans also found his crush on Zendaya hilarious and creepy.

Here are some of the tweets from fans about Michael:

  • “I didn’t even know zendaya had a brother until today” [@kaylajayxo_]
  • “Zendaya’s brother looks just like her wow” [@_jessicawbu]
  • “Zendaya’s brother saying he has a crush on her… #ClaimToFame” [@realitytvgirly]


Michael is Zendaya’s brother who participated in Claim to Fame, a reality TV show that features celebrity relatives. He tried to hide his identity but failed miserably and got eliminated in the second episode. He is an actor and musician who supports his sister’s career. Fans have mixed reactions to his appearance on the show, ranging from surprise to amusement.

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