Chris Pratt and Arnold Schwarzenegger COMING CLOSER after baby number 2 announcement with Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt has been known for several of his roles in Hollywood throughout the years, his most famous one being his role in The Guardians of The Galaxy (he plays the role of the Star-Lord). Pratt has also been well recognized as a philanthropist, especially during his marriage with Anna Faris. Despite their divorce, the two have been rumored to be on good terms.

Pratt married into what is known as ‘political royalty’ when he was welcomed into the Schwarzenegger family as they have relations to the Kennedys. His relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been a romance that has been kept on the down low. They began dating in mid 2018 and were married a year later in June 2019.

When Pratt was interviewed on what it is like to have Arnold as a father-in-law, he mentions being awe-struck and incredibly grateful to have been welcomes by him so well. They seem to have a fun, light-hearted relationship and also prank each other quite a bit. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel back in October 2019, following the hazardous fires in California, Schwarzenegger gushes about his new son-in-law Chris Pratt. He called him “an incredibly kind person”. He then went onto joke about the fact that it feels like his daughter is giving him some competition. He says this because Chris Pratt is supposedly taller than him and has done bigger movies that have been blockbusters when compared to Schwarzenegger’s time in Hollywood.

The first time the two of them met, Pratt had rumoured to suggest ‘hitting the gym’ together to his future father-in-law. And they have since bonded over their common love for fitness.

The couple, Pratt and Schwarzenegger, welcomed their first child in August 2020 and named her Lyla. Arnold has not been shy about gushing about his first grandchild and has shared several instances with his daughter and the new baby. In another interview with Jimmy Kimmel he has talked about how he feels old now that he has a grandchild. He also talked about his daughter being a good mother who has settled into a routine and sometimes faces hardship giving the baby to other family members. He says, and I quote “Whenever you touch the baby, she says, ‘Oh my God, don’t hold her like this,'” he said. “I say, ‘Katherine, come on now, I’ve held enough children in my hands. I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m an expert at that stuff.’ And she just freaks out. I think it’s natural.” He jokes about how Katherine doesn’t allow him to change baby Lyla’s diapers and says he was a very hands-on father and loved spending time with his children even if it meant changing their diapers or swaddling them till they fell asleep and wants the same opportunity with his grand daughter.

He also says that he is very proud of his daughter and son-in-law and that they have been exceptional parents. The pair just announced the fact that they are expecting a second baby and grandpa Schwarzenegger couldn’t be happier. Sources say that Pratt has taken personal time to see his father-in-law and ask for parenting advice and have other conversations surrounding familial life. The duo seem to share an unbreakable bond of nothing but respect and love for the other.


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