Is Michael Reeves Related to Keanu Reeves? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many people have wondered if Michael Reeves, the popular YouTuber and engineer, is related to Keanu Reeves, the famous actor and star of The Matrix and John Wick movies. They share the same last name and both have some connection to Hawaii, but are they really family? Here’s what we found out.

The Short Answer: No

According to US Updates, Michael Reeves is not related to Keanu Reeves in any way except their last name. Keanu Reeves is an award-winning American actor who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and grew up in Toronto, Canada. His father is of Native Hawaiian, Chinese, English, Irish, and Portuguese descent, while his mother is English. Michael Reeves is a comedy-engineering YouTuber who mainly works with robots. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and moved to Hawaii when he was seven years old. His ethnicity is Filipino and Caucasian.

The Long Answer: A Coincidence of Names

The rumor that Michael Reeves and Keanu Reeves are related probably started because of their similar last names and their association with Hawaii. Keanu Reeves has a paternal grandmother who is Chinese Hawaiian, and he has visited the island several times for filming and vacationing. Michael Reeves lived in Hawaii for most of his childhood and attended high school there before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his YouTube career.

However, the name Reeves is not uncommon, and it does not necessarily indicate a Hawaiian origin. According to, the name Reeves is an English surname derived from the Old English word “gerefa”, meaning “bailiff” or “steward”. It is also possible that some people with the name Reeves have Irish or Scottish ancestry, as the name can be a variant of Reeve or Rieve.

Therefore, it is likely that Michael Reeves and Keanu Reeves are not related at all, and their last name is just a coincidence. There is no evidence that they have any common ancestors or relatives, and they have never met or interacted publicly. They are simply two successful people who happen to share a name and a love for Hawaii.


Michael Reeves and Keanu Reeves are not related by blood or by marriage. They are both talented individuals who have achieved fame in their respective fields, but they have no familial connection whatsoever. Their last name is a common English surname that does not imply a Hawaiian heritage. The rumor that they are related is based on speculation and false assumptions, and it should be dismissed as such.

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