Is Logan Related to Luke Bryan? The Truth About Claim to Fame Star’s Celebrity Cousin

Logan Crosby is one of the contestants on ABC’s new reality show Claim to Fame, where 12 people with famous relatives compete to guess each other’s celebrity connections while keeping their own secret. Logan has revealed that his cousin is a country music star who has won an Academy of Country Music award, but he has not disclosed his name yet. So, is Logan related to Luke Bryan, one of the most popular and successful country singers in the industry?

The Clues Point to Jason Aldean

While some fans have speculated that Logan’s cousin could be Luke Bryan, based on his appearance and genre, there are more clues that point to another country star: Jason Aldean. According to sitename Reality Titbit, Logan revealed who he’s related to during a podcast before Claim to Fame. He appeared on the Jameson on the Rocks Podcast in February 2022 and discussed his singing career and being cousins with Jason Aldean.

Another clue that supports this theory is that Logan posted a TikTok video where he showed some country music CDs and pulled out two Aldean CDs in a row. He also commented that the video was courtesy of Uncle Barry, which is Aldean’s dad’s name. Moreover, Logan’s full name is Bradley Logan Crosby, which matches Aldean’s real name: Jason Aldine Williams.

The Similarities Between Logan and Luke Bryan

However, some fans still think that Logan could be related to Luke Bryan, based on some similarities between them. Both Logan and Luke are from Georgia, and they share a similar style of country music. They also have similar facial features, such as their eyes and smile. Some fans have even compared Logan to a younger version of Luke.

Luke Bryan has won several Academy of Country Music awards, including Entertainer of the Year twice. He is also known for his hit songs such as “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)”, “Play It Again”, and “One Margarita”. He is married to Caroline Boyer and has two sons, Bo and Tate, and two adopted nephews, Til and Kris.

The Mystery Will Be Solved Soon

Whether Logan is related to Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean, or someone else entirely, the mystery will be solved soon on Claim to Fame. The show airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, and it is hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas. The contestants have to use their skills of deduction, deception, and persuasion to figure out each other’s celebrity relatives while hiding their own. The last contestant standing will win $100,000.

Claim to Fame is a fun and exciting show that tests the contestants’ knowledge of pop culture and their ability to lie convincingly. It also gives the viewers a chance to learn more about the contestants and their famous family members. So, tune in every week to find out who Logan’s cousin is and who will claim the fame.

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