Is Chris Mannix Related to Kevin Mannix? The Truth Behind the Rumor

There is a rumor circulating on the internet that Chris Mannix, a sports reporter and writer, is related to Kevin Mannix, a politician and attorney from Oregon. Some people have speculated that they are brothers, cousins, or even father and son. But is there any truth to this rumor? Or is it just a coincidence that they share the same last name?

Who is Chris Mannix?

Chris Mannix is an American sports reporter, radio host, and writer who currently works as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. He covers the NBA and boxing, and also hosts The Chris Mannix Show on NBC Sports Radio. He also serves as a ringside reporter for DAZN and for Fight Night, and as an NBA and boxing insider for NBC SportsTalk.

Chris Mannix was born on December 30, 1979, in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Boston College High School in 1998 and from Boston College in 2003 with a degree in English. As a teenager, he worked as a locker room attendant for the Boston Celtics for eight seasons (1995-2003) and covered high school sports for the Boston Globe.

Who is Kevin Mannix?

Kevin Mannix is an American politician, business attorney, and former chairman of the Republican Party in Oregon. He has served in both houses of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, first as a Democrat and later as a Republican. He is known for his advocacy of statewide ballot measures on crime, victims’ rights, and prison work.

Kevin Mannix was born on November 26, 1949, in New York City. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1971 with a degree in liberal arts and in 1974 with a law degree. He worked as an assistant attorney general of Oregon, assistant attorney general of Guam, and a law clerk to the Oregon Court of Appeals before entering politics.

According to their biographies and public records, there is no evidence that Chris Mannix and Kevin Mannix are related by blood or marriage. They have different birthplaces, different parents, different spouses, and different children. They also have different political views and careers.

The only thing they have in common is their last name, which is of Irish origin and means “little monk”. It is possible that they share some distant ancestors who immigrated from Ireland to America, but that does not make them close relatives.

Therefore, the rumor that Chris Mannix is related to Kevin Mannix is false. It is based on speculation and assumption rather than facts and sources. They are two separate individuals who happen to have the same surname.

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