Is Lark Related to Sandra Bullock? The Truth Behind the Claim to Fame Mystery

Lark is one of the six remaining contestants on Claim to Fame, a reality show where celebrities’ relatives compete for $100,000 by hiding their identities from each other. Lark has been very secretive about her celebrity relative, and has managed to avoid being guessed correctly by her fellow contestants. However, some viewers have speculated that she might be related to Sandra Bullock, the Oscar-winning actress and producer. Is there any truth to this rumor? Let’s find out.

The Clues That Point to Sandra Bullock

One of the reasons why some fans think that Lark is related to Sandra Bullock is because of the clues that have been revealed on the show. In the first episode, Lark said that her celebrity relative was her aunt. Later, she received a puzzle clue that said “Runway Queen in the ’80s”. This could be a reference to Sandra Bullock’s modeling career in the 1980s, before she became a famous actress.

Another clue that seemed to hint at Sandra Bullock was a pair of cutoff jean shorts that Lark wore in the week 4 fashion show. Lark said that these shorts were supposed to remind the audience of the shorts that her aunt wore in her famous commercial. This could be a reference to Sandra Bullock’s appearance in a Noxzema shaving cream commercial in 1989, where she wore similar shorts and danced with a group of men.

Additionally, some fans noticed a birdhouse on the Clue Wall, which is a collection of items that are related to the contestants’ relatives. They thought that this could be a clue for Sandra Bullock’s movie Bird Box, where she played a mother who had to protect her children from a mysterious force that made people see their worst fears.

The Lie Detector Test That Debunked the Rumor

However, despite these clues, it turns out that Lark is not related to Sandra Bullock at all. In the week 6 episode, the contestants had to take a lie detector test and answer yes or no questions about their relatives. One of the questions that Lark was asked was: “Is your celebrity relative in Bird Box?” Lark answered no, and the polygraph administrator gave her a thumbs up, indicating that she was telling the truth.

This means that Sandra Bullock is not Lark’s aunt, and that the clues that seemed to point to her were either coincidences or red herrings. Lark confirmed this in an Instagram post shared by Claim to Fame, where she said that none of her fellow contestants have guessed her celebrity relative yet, and that they were “still pretty hung up” between Martha Stewart and Sandra Bullock guesses, but neither were correct.

The Real Identity of Lark’s Celebrity Relative

So, if Sandra Bullock is not Lark’s aunt, who is? Well, some fans have another theory based on the clues that have been revealed so far. They believe that Lark might be related to Cindy Crawford, the supermodel and actress who rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s. Cindy Crawford fits the description of a “Runway Queen in the ’80s”, and she also wore cutoff jean shorts in one of her most iconic commercials for Pepsi in 1992.

Moreover, Cindy Crawford has a sister named Chris Crawford Hemingway, who has two daughters named Rachel and Danielle. Rachel Hemingway is an actress and singer who goes by the stage name Rainsford. Danielle Hemingway is a model and artist who goes by the stage name Dani Hemingway. Could one of them be Lark? According to IMDb , Rainsford is 31 years old and Dani Hemingway is 29 years old. Lark looks like she could be around their age range, and she also bears some resemblance to them.

Of course, this is just a speculation, and we won’t know for sure until Lark reveals her true identity on Claim to Fame. But one thing is certain: she is not related to Sandra Bullock. Sorry, fans!

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