Is Kellyanne Conway Related to Tim Conway? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Kellyanne Conway and Tim Conway are two famous names in American politics and entertainment, respectively. Kellyanne Conway is a former senior counselor to President Donald Trump and a political commentator. Tim Conway was a legendary comedian and actor, best known for his roles in The Carol Burnett Show, McHale’s Navy, and SpongeBob SquarePants. But are they related by blood or marriage? The answer is no.

Kellyanne Conway’s Family Background

Kellyanne Conway was born as Kellyanne Elizabeth Fitzpatrick on January 20, 1967, in Atco, New Jersey. She is of Irish and Italian descent. Her father, John Fitzpatrick, owned a small trucking company and her mother, Diane Fitzpatrick, worked at a bank. Her parents divorced when she was three years old, and she was raised by her mother and grandmother. She has three sisters: Jackie, Joanne, and Lorraine.

According to Wikipedia, Kellyanne Conway’s grandfather, Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale, was a mob associate of the Philadelphia crime family. He did not live with Conway’s grandmother, Conway, and the rest of her family. He died in 1983.

Kellyanne Conway graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1985. She then attended Trinity Washington University, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science. She later obtained a Juris Doctor degree from George Washington University Law School.

Kellyanne Conway married George T. Conway III, a prominent lawyer and conservative critic of Trump, in 2001. They have four children: twins Claudia and George IV, Charlotte, and Vanessa. In August 2020, Kellyanne Conway announced that she was leaving the White House to focus on her family, amid a public feud between her husband and daughter Claudia on social media. In 2022, Kellyanne Conway joined Fox News as a contributor.

Tim Conway’s Family Background

Tim Conway was born as Thomas Daniel Conway on December 15, 1933, in Willoughby, Ohio. He was of Irish descent. His father, Daniel Conway, was a groomer for polo ponies at a country club and his mother, Sophia Murgoi-Conway, was an immigrant from Romania. He had one older sister: Pat.

Tim Conway attended Bowling Green State University, where he majored in speech and radio. He then served in the U.S. Army for two years. He started his career in radio and television as a writer and performer.

Tim Conway married Mary Anne Dalton in 1961. They had six children: Tim Jr., Patrick, Jamie, Kelly (who wrote a memoir about her father titled My Dad’s Funnier Than Your Dad), Corey, and Shawn. They divorced in 1978. He then married Charlene Fusco in 1984.

Tim Conway died on May 14, 2019, at the age of 85 from complications of normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), a condition that causes fluid buildup in the brain.


Kellyanne Conway and Tim Conway are not related to each other in any way. They just happen to share a common surname that is derived from the Irish name Ó Conaill or Ó Conchobhair. They have different ethnic backgrounds, family histories, and career paths.

According to, some people may have confused Kellyanne Conway with Tim Conway’s daughter Kelly because of their similar first names and professions (both are writers). However, Kelly Conway is not Kellyanne Conway’s daughter or niece either.

Therefore, the rumor that Kellyanne Conway is related to Tim Conway is false and has no basis in fact..

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