Chucky Season 3 Release Date – Is a Feature Film In The Plans Instead?

When some of our favorite cult characters from history make the re-entry on the screen in one way or another then the jubilation is altogether different and no doubt when Chucky returned back as a TV Series then the feeling was the same. The American TV drama completed its Season 2 recently on November 23rd and fans couldn’t wait for Chucky Season 3 after the loose thread it left in the finale episode.

Created by Don Mancini, the horror drama seemed to be done when it was on 7th episode of the second installment but the next and finale episode gave a different vibe proclaiming “there’s more to the story”. Though the story ended on a cliffhanger and a renewal announcement is awaited by the fandom we cannot be sure that season 3 is a possibility or not especially when the creator cum executive producer Don Mancini who holds the position alongside David Kirschner,  Nick Antosca, Harley Peyton and Alex Hedlund has somehow hinted a different plan for the story.

Chucky Season 3

Chuck Season 3 Possibility

After the finale episode of Chuck Season 2 when Mancini talked with Comicbook, he explained that the climax for sure left the bread crumbs for a potentially explore-able storyline but the surety for renewal of the TV series for the third season hasn’t sounded even when he said that a possible sequel might be in the roll but that states that it could also be a movie that’s into the realization.

While explaining the cliffhanger he also put light on the possible storyline when he said that “It’s an interesting cliffhanger that we’ve left things on because now those kids are much more, what’s the phrase, front footed than they’ve ever been before with regard to what they need to do to deal with Chucky. Because now Caroline has gone off with Tiffany. Now, they’re confiding in Miss Fairchild. So, it’s basically taking those characters who have aged as kids, but also as Chucky survivors. And now, they’re more in the category of Kyle and Andy. They know the truth about Chucky. They have to be more on the offensive now than they’ve ever been going into the future.”

Seeing the Child’s Play film franchise in a TV series format was quite elaborated fun and some might not want it to end but nothing is certain now so there can be possibilities for a Season 3 too. Mancini too has praised the elaborated approach of TV series when he told how he fulfilled a decade-long dream of Chucky taking Christmas into the plot. Here’s what he said.

“That’s one of the great things about having moved to the TV format. We have all of this stuff at our disposal and it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re not in movies at the moment. We’re in the TV series, but let’s aim toward our climactic Christmas finale.’ Which is something that, as a kid watching various shows, I always enjoyed about those shows. So, that seemed like a fun, no-brainer thing to do. But like I said, in terms of the drama, it was about making the characters think that they can relax and what morons they are.”

He also explained the dramatic conversion from episode 7 to 8 in Season 2 saying

“I thought it was just narratively interesting to put things to a boil so that they flare up in seven and allow everyone to take a breath and get comfortable, and then say like, ‘Oh, don’t get too comfortable.’ And also have the opportunity to do a Christmas episode with Chucky decking the halls with Mary Michelle’s blood.”

The Cast & Crew of Chucky Season 3

When it’s not much time yet and makers analyzing whether it’s a good idea to renew Chucky for season 3. we might talk about the future of the story and talking about the cast, we see all the characters reprising their roles apart from the ones who already lost the battle to the deadly doll.

If the show renews we will see Zackary Arthur reprising his role as Jake Wheeler, Alyvia Alyn Lind as Lexy Cross, and Björgvin Arnarson as Devon Evans. Brad Dourif will also return as the voice of Chucky / Charles Lee Ray. Others who are expected to replay their role are Billy Boyd, Jennifer Tilly, Christine Elise, Alex Vincent, and Fiona Dourif.

Chucky Season 3 Expected Release Date

If we go by the flow of the last two seasons then we might expect Chucky Season 3 to premier around October 2023 given the season is announced within a couple of weeks from the last episode like season 2 was announced.

The streaming platforms are anticipated to be the same, Syfy and USA Network.

So, whether a feature film or Chucky season 3 be all set for more chaos by the notorious killer possessing the vintage doll.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to watch Chucky Season 1 and 2?

The ones who have heard a lot about the show might be eager to watch the show. So, the viewers can have the show on fuboTV or Peacock. Or if renting suits better to you then all the streaming platforms like Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video could help you in that matter. So, be sure to finish it before the next season gets in line.

Is there going to be a Chucky Season 3?

The announcement for Chucky Season 3 is not yet done by the makers but the cliffhanger in the finale episode of Season 2 paves the way for the next season. The creator Don Mancini has also expressed the possibility of taking the story further but hasn’t made it clear whether it would be a feature film or TV series.

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