Is Jonathan Spann Related to James Spann? The Truth Behind the Rumors

James Spann is a well-known television meteorologist and podcast host based in Birmingham, Alabama. He currently works for WBMA-LD (ABC 33/40), Birmingham’s ABC affiliate. He has been in the field since 1978 and has won several awards for his weather forecasting skills. He is also the host of the podcast WeatherBrains, which he started in 2006.

Jonathan Spann is a lawyer and a candidate for Circuit Judge of the 24th Judicial Circuit in Alabama. He co-founded the firm Crowson, Morrison & Spann, LLC in 2007 and became the managing partner in 2014. He specializes in civil litigation, criminal defense, domestic relations and juvenile court cases.

Many people have wondered if Jonathan Spann and James Spann are related, given their similar last names and professions in Alabama. However, according to Jonathan’s website, he is not related to James Spann. He states that he is often asked this question and that he admires James Spann as a meteorologist and a person, but they are not family.

James Spann has not publicly commented on this question, but he has shared some information about his own family on his social media accounts. He is married to Karen Spann since 1981 and they have two sons, J.P. Spann and Ryan Christopher Spann. They also have a grandson, Kason Paul.


Jonathan Spann and James Spann are not related, despite their common surname and careers in Alabama. They are both successful professionals in their respective fields, but they do not share any blood or legal ties. The rumors about their relationship are unfounded and based on speculation.

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