My Isekai Life Anime Release Date, Expected Plot and Where to Watch

Popularly known as “Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu” in Japanese, the famous light novel has been recognized for its isekai genre and a very long name. The full name of this novel and manga series is My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World. In this article, we will discuss the upcoming My Isekai Life Anime based on this series.

The long-running light novel series was written by Shotou Shinkou and was published with minimal instructions by Huuka Kazabana through GA Novel. The story also began as a web novel on Shousetsuka ni Narou in 2017. The first volume of this light novel was released in May 2018 and up to November of 2021, 10 volumes have been released under this series.

2018 marked its Manga adaptation by PONJEA. The Manga adaptation began in July 2018 and released its 14th volume in November 2021. The novel has now entered Amazon for online purchases.

My Isekai Life Anime

Introduction to Isekai Genre

Isekai can be referred to as a part of the fantasy genre which deals with stories where the character gets transported from his world into a new mysterious world. The lead then lives an adventurous life full of strange mystical powers and creatures.

The character has to complete certain missions or quests in a way to survive in the new world, mostly by forming allies. This genre is full of action, introspection, and personal growth.

My Isekai Life: Trailer & Plot Details

The latest trailer of My Isekai Life Anime is being well appreciated for its visuals and animation. People are also grooving to its opening song “Mujikaku no Tensai” by Non-Stop Rabbit. The series is about Yuji Sano, an extreme workaholic who has devoted his life to work, whether at the office, at home, or on a holiday. Yuji gets a flash message on his PC which states that he is being summoned to another world. Yuji restarts his machine, thinking of it as an error.

The poor guy mistakenly accepts the summon and now, the office man is away from his work and computers in a completely new and strange fantasy world. Yuji refers to this situation as a dream and believes that one day, he will wake up and get back to his real world, with loads of work to do.

In this new world, Yuji initially belongs to the Monster Tamer character class and has the power to befriend slimes. Throughout this world, slimes are present in huge amounts and provide him the magical knowledge, they absorbed, of that place. This helps him gain a second character class faster.

In the end, he gets successful in building enormous power inside him, making him the Greatest Sage ever in that world. Do you think he still thinks of the paperwork and workload he left pending in his real world?

Meet the Team & Cast of ‘My Isekai Life’

The direction and character design of My Isekai Life Anime are done by Keisuke Kojima while Kiyotaka Suzuki worked as an assistant director. This series is composed by Naohiro Fukushima. The show has Norihito Saitama and Keisuke Gotou as chief animation directors, where Saitama is also the co-character designer.

The main cast of My Isekai Life Anime includes Chiaki Kobayashi as Yuuji Sano, Azumi Waki as Dryad, Haruna Mikawa as Mayusura, Erisa Kuon as Surahappa, Wataru Takagi as Proudwolf, Hikaru Tono as Sura, Mai Kanno as Surapatch, Nichika Oomori as Higesura, and Miharu Hanai as Pekesura.

Other important team members include Satoshi Takezawa as the color designer and Studio Naya’s Aiko Taira as the art director. Aiko is famous for being the co-director of ‘Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue’. Sanzigen’s Shunsuke Kobayashi is the photography director while Busted Rose’s Gin is the music composer. REVOROOT is in charge of the animation production for My Isekai Life Anime.

Release Date & Streaming Rights

My Isekai Life Anime will premiere on July 4 from 7:00 AM EDT onwards in Japan. The first screening will be a one-hour special show that will telecast the first two episodes of this series. No information has been provided yet about the release of other episodes but fans expect there will be an episode-by-episode release, probably one episode per week afterward.

The initial streaming rights of My Isekai Life Anime have been given to HDIVE as a part of their Simulcast season, which offers a $5 per month subscription. It is not confirmed if Crunchyroll or any other streaming platforms will be participating in sharing the streaming of the anime later.

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