Is Felicia Lansbury Related to Angela Lansbury? The Truth Behind the Family Ties

If you are a fan of the legendary actress Angela Lansbury, you might have wondered if she has any relatives in the show business. One name that might have caught your attention is Felicia Lansbury, who has appeared in several TV shows and movies. But is Felicia Lansbury related to Angela Lansbury? And if so, how?

The Lansbury Family Tree

To answer this question, we need to take a look at the Lansbury family tree. Angela Lansbury was born in London in 1925, the daughter of Irish actress Moyna MacGill and English politician Edgar Lansbury. She had two brothers, Bruce and Edgar Jr., who also pursued careers in entertainment.

Felicia Lansbury is the daughter of Bruce Lansbury, Angela’s older brother. Bruce was a producer and writer who worked on shows like The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible, and Murder, She Wrote. He married actress Gail Patrick in 1951 and had three children: David, Felicia, and Tamara.

Felicia Lansbury was born in 1958 and followed her father and aunt into acting. She is best known for her roles in The Powers of Matthew Star, Knots Landing, and Murder, She Wrote. She also worked as a backstage assistant for the magic duo Penn & Teller.

The Lansbury Legacy

Felicia Lansbury is not the only relative of Angela Lansbury who has made a name for themselves in the industry. Angela’s other brother, Edgar Jr., was a producer and manager who worked with stars like Peter Sellers, Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton. He also co-produced some of Angela’s Broadway shows, such as Mame and Gypsy.

Angela’s nephew, David Lansbury, is also an actor who has appeared in films like Scent of a Woman, Michael Clayton, and The Hurricane. He is married to actress Ally Sheedy, whom he met on the set of High Art.

Angela’s niece, Tamara Ustinov, is an actress and writer who has appeared in films like Death on the Nile, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and The Saint. She is the daughter of Moyna MacGill’s second husband, actor Peter Ustinov.

Angela herself has two children from her second marriage to Peter Shaw: Anthony and Deirdre. Anthony is a producer and director who has worked on several of his mother’s projects, such as Beauty and the Beast and Mrs. Santa Claus. Deirdre is an interior designer who runs her own company in Ireland.

The Lansbury Bond

Despite their busy schedules and different locations, the Lansbury family members have maintained a close bond over the years. Felicia Lansbury has said that she considers Angela as her “second mother” and that she admires her for her talent and grace.

Angela has also expressed her love and pride for her relatives, especially her brother Bruce, who passed away in 2017. She said that he was “a wonderful man” who “gave so much to the world”.

The Lansbury family has proven that talent runs in their blood and that they share a passion for storytelling. They have also shown that they are supportive of each other’s endeavors and achievements. Felicia Lansbury is indeed related to Angela Lansbury, but more importantly, she is part of a remarkable family legacy.

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